Watermelon Nail Art Manicure

This weekend the weather was absolutely glorious. It finally felt like it was the start of summer. And to honour that, I decided to do some fruity watermelon nail art. I hated this manicure until the moment I put top coat on and then I fell in love with it! (Does anyone else do this? All of my manicures are hideous until the very last second when they come together!)

Watermelon Nail Art

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Nail challenge: Day 4 – ‘Green’

Today’s challenge theme was ‘Green’. I have two greens and wasn’t keen on having a block colour manicure in either. So I decided to do another nail art manicure, after the success of the bumblebees yesterday. I had seen kiwis done on this blog: http://nailpolishdistraction.tumblr.com/ and fell in love with them.

I made a frankenpolish out of the two greens I own (pictures below), did two coats of that and then did white ovals on top.

The frankenpolish is on the right. Not the loveliest colour I’ve ever seen, but perfect for this mani.

I used a tiny paintbrush and white acrylic paint to do stipes coming outwards from the centre. Once they were dried, I used a spotting tool to put black acrylic paint spots for the seeds.

Really pleased with this mani, although it has made me crave kiwis…!