How To Cover Thread Veins: Tips and Advice

In the last 13 years my rosacea has changed so much: I’ve gone from Type 2 (pustules and bumps) to Type 1 (flushing with persistent redness); my skin is now more oily, rather than dry and scaly; I’ve changed my diet and lifestyle, my skincare routine has been honed and perfected, and I’ve learned how to manage my stress a little better. I finally feel like I am more in control of my rosacea, but years of damage have left me with a lot of broken capillaries (spider veins or telangiectasia if we’re being scientific) which give my skin a pink tone even when I’m not having a flare up. Keep reading for my tips on how to cover thread veins below.

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How to cover broken veins and facial redness #rosacea

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