How Do I Look? Judy on Sensitive Skin

Welcome to another How Do I Look? interview! I am fascinated by skin, visible differences and how others view themselves. I have rosacea but I wanted to open the conversation about skin positivity and visible differences so I can cover (and educate myself about) many different topics. Every week I am going to be talking to an inspirational and interesting person in order to share their story and experiences to educate, help, and support others.

Today’s post features Judy talking about her sensitive skin. ‘Sensitive skin’ is often used as a catch-all term, but it’s rare than people have truly sensitive skin. Judy is one of these people and also works as a beauty journalist (a job where you are required to constantly try new products and treatments) so I thought she would be a fascinating person to chat to.

An interview with Judy Johnson about her sensitive skin. We chat fragrance allergies, the difficulty of having sensitive skin when you work as a beauty journalist, and she shares her tips on how to minimise and calm sensitive skin. #talontedlex #sensitiveskin #sensitiveskintips #sensitiveskinskincare
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