How Do I Look? Amy on her Port Wine Stain

I hope you’ve been enjoying my new blog series, How Do I Look? For the past 6 years I have used this blog to talk about my rosacea but I wanted to open the conversation about skin positivity and visible differences so I can cover (and learn about) lots of different topics. Every week I am going to be talking to an inspirational and interesting person in order to share their story and experiences to educate, help, and support others.

Today’s interview is with Amy, who I first discovered when we appeared on Katie Piper’s Face to Face (although sadly we didn’t get to meet in person). She does so much to raise awareness of Port Wine Stain Birthmarks and her make up skills are unparalleled! I hope you enjoy this interview – if you do I would appreciate if you shared it with a friend or on social media. Anything you can do to help spread the skin positivity word is such a big help – after all we can’t change the way the world sees visible differences without being visible!

An interview with Amy about her Port Wine Stain. We chat skin positivity, birthmarks in the media, and the impact of skin differences on mental health. Amy shares her make up tips and advice. #talontedlex #birthmarktips #makeupadvice
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