SEQuaderma Treatment For Rosacea And Facial Redness #AD

When I was diagnosed with Rosacea 10 years ago, (you can read about my diagnosis HERE), I was prescribed a rosacea treatment that made my skin even worse. So since then, I have avoided targeted treatments and relied on my own beauty knowledge and managed my symptoms as best I could with diet and lifestyle changes. When I was approached by SEQuaderma to try their SEQuaderma treatment for rosacea and facial redness, I was a bit apprehensive and did a lot of reading to educate myself before agreeing to try it. But I’m so glad I did. You can see the final results above but keep reading for the details.

SEQuaderma Treatment For Rosacea And Facial Redness RosaceaReview

(It’s a bit scary putting my no-make-up face on here but I can’t review a product for rosacea without showing my face… so please be kind!)

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