Confidence And ‘Flaws’

Over the past year I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of questions I get about confidence. The rise of the skin positivity movement and a growing acceptance (at least inside our communities) of different skin types and appearances is wonderful, but it leaves some people feeling anxious or left behind. People want to be skin positive, they would love to embrace their natural skin, but have no idea how to learn to accept the flaws that they’ve disliked for so long.

If you watched my recent Instagram Live with Bioderma, I touched on the topic of confidence a little and so you might recognise the themes below.

How to be more confident when you have 'flaws'. How to build esteem. I'm sharing my tips for self-confidence, sharing my story about living with rosacea. How to increase your confidence. #talontedlex #confidencetips #confidenceadvice #selfesteemtips
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