B.Skincare The Ultimate Capsule Skincare Collection RosaceaReview

B.Skincare The Ultimate Capsule Skincare Collection RosaceaReview

A little while ago I was having a conversation with my husband about my vast skincare collection. He is a very neat person who likes things tidy and minimalistic. I am a hoarder who loves to surround myself with things. A match made in heaven…! As I have rosacea and therefore very temperamental skin, I have accumulated a lot of skincare. I have my morning routine which has at least 5 steps and my evening routine which has at least 6. And that’s when my skin is behaving! I have lotions and potions that I swap in and out if my dermatitis is playing up… ones for when my flare ups are making my face so warm I feel like I might spontaneously combust… others for if I have papules/pustules…the list goes on.

So when this conversation turned towards what I would do without these products, you can forgive me if I turned a bit pale (as pale as you can get under a big red rosacea face). What would I do if we were burgled by a skincare obsessive? Or if I went on holiday and an incompetent baggage handler lost my luggage? Or if there was a really, really localised asteroid shower that only impacted my dressing table? I felt a bit sick. But it got me thinking (*put on your best Carrie from SATC voice here*), could I find a capsule skincare collection that not only would work with my atypical skin but would also not require a bank loan to acquire?

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