I Love… Shower Hijack Campaign in association with Coppafeel!

Coppafeel! came to my attention last year when they teamed up with Birchbox to raise awareness of this great charity and cause. As you may guess from the name, Coppafeel! is a breast cancer awareness charity whose campaigns aim to offer no-nonsense advice and information to women.

Coppafeel! have partnered with ‘I Love…’ to be the first cosmetics company to release a shower creme and bubble bath with breast cancer awareness symptom labels to the packaging. They have released this gel as part of their #ShowerHijack campaign and I LOVE it. The idea is that you are already naked, already rubbing your skin while you’re getting clean, so why not use that time to quickly check your boobs for symptoms and early warning signs? We should all be checking our boobs regularly and this gives us a little nudge in the right direction.

I Love... Shower Hijack Campaign

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