How To Talk To Your Doctor/Dermatologist About Your Skin: Tips And Advice

Over the years I have been very open about my experiences with the medical community with relation to my rosacea: I’ve had some awful experiences, some that could have been improved, and some absolutely wonderful ones. One of my main missions with my blog and social media has always been to be totally honest and provide the advice and support that I desperately needed as a 21 year old who left her GP appointment having been diagnosed and handed a cream with no information about this incurable condition. I felt alone, scared, and devastated. Over the past few days I’ve been compiling stories sent by my followers who were kind enough to share their experiences with me after I put a request out on my instagram stories. I speak more about this later, but this is not a criticism of the medical community overall, I just wanted to highlight real stories to show that there is a lot of room and opportunity for change. Talking to a stranger about our skin is an incredibly vulnerable experience and the way were are treated in that moment matters. I want to give you the strength and information to not only demand better treatment but then to go on to find the wonderful doctors and dermatologists that are out there and can’t wait to help you.

Worried about talking to your doctor or dermatologist about your skin? I've got you covered! I'm giving tips on preparing for your appointment, how to deal with negative experiences, and how to self-advocate. Your health is important and your skin issue is not trivial. I'm giving rosacea advice, and tips for those with any skin condition. #talontedlex
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