How Do I Look? Gemma On Psoriasis

Welcome to another How Do I Look? interview! I am fascinated by skin, visible differences and how others view themselves. I have rosacea but I wanted to open the conversation about skin positivity and visible differences so I can cover (and educate myself about) many different topics. Every week I am going to be talking to an inspirational and interesting person in order to share their story and experiences to educate, help, and support others.

August is Psoriasis Action Month – the name changed from Psoriasis Awareness Month a few years ago and I LOVE it. I actually wrote a post about rejecting the word ‘awareness’ for this year’s Rosacea Awareness Month so maybe this is a sign of things to come for other conditions! I am so pleased to introduce you to the amazing Gemma Boak. I discovered her through Instagram (although weirdly we went to the same school and I was friends with her sister many moons ago… *starts humming ‘It’s A Small World After All’…) She is a former research scientist, with a speciality in Immunology, and a lifelong ‘Psoriasis warrior’. She blogs and podcasts about her psoriasis and gives amazing helpful, knowledgeable, but (most importantly) accessible information to her followers.

An interview with Gemma Boak about her psoriasis. We chat skin positivity, social media, and she shares her tips on how to minimise and calm flare ups. #talontedlex #psoriasistips #psoriasisadvice
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