How Do I Look? Natalie on Vitiligo

Welcome to the third instalment in my new blog series, How Do I Look? I have used this blog to write about rosacea for the past 6 years and I wanted to open the conversation about skin positivity and visible differences so I can cover (and learn about) lots of different topics. Every week I am going to be talking to an inspirational and interesting person to share their story and experiences to help and support others.

This week I spoke to the amazing Natalie who has had Vitiligo for most of her life. I first met Natalie when we both appeared on Katie Piper’s Face To Face on Channel 4 – I only got to speak to her for a few minutes backstage while we were waiting to be photographed, but her section on the show was one of my favourites. Our episode is still available to watch HERE if you’re interested.

Repin and click to read my interview with Natalie (@being_just_us), Vitiligo and skin positivity advocate. She talks about growing up with Vitiligo, how representation has changed, and how she has grown to love her skin. #talontedlex #skinpositivity #vitiligo
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