Escentual SALE: My skincare picks for sensitive skin/rosacea

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you will know of my love for French skincare. My parents live in France and everytime I go over there I stock up on various products and rely on them to keep my skin happy and healthy. I don’t know what it is about French skincare but I find it so much better for my sensitive and picky skin.

escentual sale

Essential’s French Pharmacy sales come around every few months, so here are my picks from the best…


I LOVE Avene products. LOVE THEM. They are all made with Avene thermal spring water which is proven to be beneficial to all kinds of skin problems. Their products have transformed my rosacea and I couldn’t be without them. I’ve only picked a few products but, honestly, ANYTHING by them is brilliant so have a nosey.

Micellar lotion (I’ve made the names of products clickable links that will take you right to the product – I know, always enabling…!) – This a brilliant second to the famous Bioderma, I use micellar waters as my first cleanse. This is a fantastic make up remover that is also gentle and calming.

Antirougeurs Fort Relief – This is from their specialised anti-redness range. I apply this when I’m having a flare up and it soothes and protects my skin.

Extremely Gentle Cleanser – Great for sensitive skin, you apply the gel with your fingers and then gently remove with a cotton pad. Perfect if water makes your skin tight and sore.


Similar to Avene, LRP are another all singing, all dancing brand. I’ve never tried anything by them that I didn’t like. Have a look through all their products and try a few as you can’t really go wrong.

Cicaplast Baume B5 – This is my go to when my skin is throwing a tantrum. It’s a thick, creamy emollient-style cream that I pile on and keep massaging in for hours. It sits on the skin to soothe and strengthen so don’t put it on before you go out unless you want to go for the slimy look!

Effaclar Duo – This is famous in the blogosphere. It is a serum-style product that I put on my jaw, chin and nose to unclog those pesky pores that never turn into proper spots but just sit there looking bumpy. It is  brilliant step to add to your skincare routine.


Huile Divine – This is a dry oil body spray that smells INCREDIBLE. It sinks in instantly and provides a lovely sheen to the skin with a lingering scent. Love this.


Huile Prodigieuse – Another dry oil spray but this one is a multi-tasker. This is great for holidays and will be the first thing I pack for my honeymoon as it can be used as a body oil, a hair oil, on your cuticles, to put a bit of glow on your cheekbones… it’s a great all-rounder. You can also get a gold-tinted version if you want a bit of shine.

Reve De Miel – This is my lip balm GODDESS. This stuff is the lip product I always return to. It is so thick and rich, with a strange but magical matte finish. I apply this every night and it saves my lips from the repercussions of my matte lipstick obsession. Seriously. You need this. It’s cult for a reason.


Let me know if you treat yourself to anything!



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