Our wedding: Getting Ready

Our wedding: Getting Ready

Our wedding: Getting Ready

In case you don’t know, I got married on the 8th of June. It was an absolutely beautiful day and we have just got the photos back. There are so many that I’ve had to split the wedding blogs into a few instalments – sorry! This is going to be very photo heavy so I apologise in advance.

The first blog is me getting ready on the morning of the wedding. We decided to hire these particular photographers because they sent two people which meant one could follow me as I got ready and one could follow Aaron. The photographers were On Love And Photography who are based in Manchester and we are so thrilled with the results. They specialise in a reportage style which means there is minimum posing and awkwardness and they just capture the true essence of the day which I love. The photos are so natural and perfectly reflect our day. The photos below are of me getting ready before the wedding, if you want to see Aaron’s getting ready pictures you can have a look at his blog here.

So let’s get going with the photos!

My hair was done by Abi from Bang in York. She was really fun, friendly and my hair was beautiful. I knew I wanted something vintage inspired but not too fussy and this was ideal.

Wedding Hair

My corset was the Merry Widow from What Katie Did. I have never felt so glamorous in my life (although it did mean my sister had to put my tights on for me as I couldn’t really bend…)

What Katie Did corset

The flowers were from Fiona Hogg who works just outside of York. I gave her a HUGE Pinterest board based on my complete lack of knowledge of flowers and she really went to town. I know I wanted peonies (my favourite) and thistles (to represent the Scottish element to the wedding). These are my Mum’s corsage and my Dad’s boutonniere.

Wedding flowers

My sister’s hair was also done by Abi from Bang and it was stunning: a loose braid round the back and then waves and curls to the side.

Maid of honour hair

Obviously I was on hand to do my sister’s and mum’s make-up and nails…!

wedding nailswedding make up

I decided to do my own make-up as I couldn’t find someone I trusted enough to deal with my rosacea. I did a video on my wedding and honeymoon make-up, which you can watch HERE. The look for the wedding day was a very classic winged eye with strong brows and deep red lips.

Bridal make upBridal make up

My sister, Tor, was my maid of honour and my best friend James was my man of honour. Not very traditional but who cares! My sister’s dress was from Coast.

My parents and sister:


My dress was from Elizabeth Avey. It was the first wedding dress I tried on and everything afterwards just looked like a bin bag!

It is based on a vintage pattern, was fully boned, with three layers of petticoat and finished with vintage French lace. I have never felt so beautiful, I want to wear it every single day. Forever.

Wedding dress - Elizabeth AveyWedding dress - Elizabeth Avey

My wedding shoes were £20 from Amazon… I used this as a tool to convince Aaron we could definitely afford THE DRESS.

Wedding dress - Elizabeth AveyWedding shoesWedding dress - elizabeth aveyWedding dress and bouquet

This is the moment they started talking me through the ceremony and I had to sit down as my legs no longer worked. No one tells you about that bit!

Wedding dress -elizabeth aveyBride and maid of honour

My mum’s whole outfit was from Phase Eight and she looked bloody ADORABLE. My dad looks pretty dapper too.

Bride and parents

Phew! If you reached the end of this then well done, I applaud your stamina. Have a biscuit.

I’ve also written blogs on the ceremony (HERE) and speeches and party which you can find HERE. I have warned you! There are A LOT of photos.

I hope you enjoyed these. The day went by so quickly for me that I just love these pictures because they are my memories. I am still on a total wedding high, sorry if I’m making you want to barf like a spaniel.



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