Rimmel 704 Sweet As Sugar

Rimmel 704 Sweet As Sugar

Rimmel 704 Sweet As Sugar

Occasionally I find myself wandering the aisles in Boots or Superdrug and I knowing that I want something but I also knowing I won’t wear it very often. This is what happened with this nail varnish. I knew I wanted a baby blue polish but also knew that I’m not a huge fan of blue on me so wanted something good quality but cheap enough that it wouldn’t matter if I only wore it a handful of times. In those situations I usually go for Rimmel: their nail varnishes are great quality – long wearing, shiny, easy to apply, good brushes, plus they’re usually under a fiver. Perfect.

*sigh* I was really disappointed with this nail varnish. Rimmel formulas are usually so good, even their pastels are great. But this one needed so many coats to reach full opacity. The above photos are after 4 coats of nail varnish. FOUR. And you can still see bald spots. I also tried this over a white undercoat and you could still see the white through the bald patches which made it look really uneven. BAD. I have quite a few of their pastel polishes and none were anywhere near this bad so I was pretty miffed. It’s a good job I’m not a huge fan of the colour really, I will probably just use it as a base for nail art.

What are you favourite ‘I need something but a cheap something’ brands? You can see the full Rimmel range HERE.


Rimmel Sweet As SugarRimmel Sweet As SugarRimmel Sweet As Sugar


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