My New Business Cards From Moo

Every time I go to a blogger event I suddenly remember that I’ve run out of business cards. Which is pretty  much the least helpful time for my brain to remind me of this. So when I got an email from telling me about their new year sale I jumped at the chance. I used Moo for my first ever set of business cards and I was really impressed with the quality and design so I was looking forward to trying them out again. And I’m thrilled with my order!

My New Business Cards From Moo

My New Business Cards From Moo

You have full control over your business cards, so if you’re super creative and have a design in mind you can craft your own cards – I think using some of your favourite blog post images would be a great way to show your work to brands and PRs. But I am ridiculously indecisive so I decided to use one of the existing designs on the site. There are hundreds, all sorted into categories so I searched through the beauty section until I decided on this beautiful design: I like that it’s perfectly related to my blog but also a bit abstract so it’s not instantly clear what it is.

There’s a handy template for you to add your information on the back and it takes you through step by step so it’s pretty painless and idiot-proof (luckily!)

With the sale these cost me £16.48, they would have been £21.98 normally which I still think is pretty good.

If you’re thinking about trying out Moo cards, take a look here (this is an affiliate link, which means you get some money off your order – bargain – and I get points towards my next order!)

Now I just have to resist giving them to everyone I meet: colleagues, the post man, the man next to me on the tube…



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