Nails Inc Mindful Manicure Collection Review

‘Wellness’ is the new buzzword in beauty and the Nails Inc Mindful Manicure collection is certainly a very pretty addition to the growing beauty genre. Described as nail varnishes that boost ‘mood-enhancing properties’ as they contain real gemstones… intrigued? Take a look below!

Nails Inc Mindful Manicure swatches

Apparently each of the Nails Inc Mindful Manicure polishes contains ‘an electromagnetic power that is said to intensify a person’s aura, helping to clarify thoughts, channel energy and heal’. I’m not entirely sure where I stand on the belief that certain materials can positively influence your mood, but this is such an interesting concept, especially for someone like me who owns (and is asked to review) quite a lot of nail varnishes. I feel like I see the same things released every season, so when something a little different comes along, it’s very exciting. Plus they’ve filled the collection with beautiful and wearable shades, so even if you don’t buy into the mindful aspect, you would still be getting some stunning polishes!

As with the other Nails Inc polishes, the large bulky lids come off to reveal a smaller twisty top – this gives you more control over the brush and makes it much more user-friendly.

Let’s have a look at the collection:

‘Balancing Act’* is a pearlescent top coat, so it can either be worn alone to give a subtle sheer shimmer (as shown above), or over the top of other polishes (as demonstrated below with a pastel blue polish) to give them some added sparkle. It’s infused with Moonstone for balance and wisdom. It is ridiculously pretty either way, with a beautiful pastel glow to the glitter. Worn alone this needed 2-3 coats to receive full opacity and had a little bit of a yellow tint to it. In the photos below, I only used one coat of ‘Balancing Act’

Nails Inc Mindful Manicure swatches 'Balancing Act' (over light blue polish)

‘Future’s Bright’* is infused with Citrine for happiness and heart shielding. It’s a gold-flecked peach that looked very pretty in the bottle, but sadly gave me spam hands due to the shade and my skin tone. I love that the gold shimmer is so fine that the polish just seems to radiate the yellow warmth, so pretty. This needed 3 thin coats to get rid of all bald spots but layered well.

‘Better Together’* – contains rose quartz for friendship and love. This is a very pale pink polish with a blue shimmer running through it that was much more flattering on my skin tone. I think this would be a great classic polish if you wanted something less flat than a plain creme nail varnish. This also needed 3 thin coats.

‘And Breathe’* is infused with tourmaline for stress relief and positive energy. It will surprise no one to hear that this is my favourite shade from the collection. I have a weak spot for anything rose gold/copper toned so this orangey-pink iridescent nail varnish is right up my street. It looks like a fairly standard copper colour until you catch it in the light when it glows pink and gold. I love it! Due to the slightly metallic finish you have to be careful not to leave too many brush strokes in this otherwise it can look a little messy.

Nails Inc Mindful Manicure swatches 'And Breathe'

What are your thoughts on the Nails Inc Mindful Manicure collection? Will you be picking them up for their mood-enhancing properties or are you only interested in the pretty colours?


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  1. 30th June 2017 / 7:51 pm

    Ah, the curse of the spam hand – I feel your pain. I like a couple of these but no Nails Inc polish ever lasts more than about fifteen minutes on me without chipping.

  2. Sarah
    4th July 2017 / 4:47 pm

    You have wonderful nails for showing off these great shades! An aura-enhancing formula is certainly something new, but I think there is a certain limit to which nail polishes can claim to fix your entire life and mood. Make sure to let us know if you feel any change in mood! I am of the belief that a product should prioritise quality, the formula, colour truth etc. rather than making questionable claims, or selling on a novelty basis. It’s those claims which make the beauty community lose some of its integrity.

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