RosaceaReview CACI Sakurami Lifting Facial Treatment at HT by Sakurami London

RosaceaReview CACI Sakurami Lifting Facial Treatment

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, you can rectify that HERE), you will have seen me post a no-make-up selfie after a facial last week. For people with sensitive skin or rosacea, the idea of having a facial can be a scary one. You have to think about the products they will use (a lot of ingredients can cause flare ups), how much force they will use, how warm the room will be. There are a lot of factors! I also don’t usually like having facials as you aren’t supposed to apply make up for at least 8 hours afterwards. So having a full time job means that the only time I can have a facial is at the weekend and I personally don’t feel comfortable wandering around at the weekend with no make up on. HT by Sakurami London has converted me… read on for the details.

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