Dermatica Skincare Range Review: My Rosacea’s New Best Friend?

If you follow Dermatica on social media, you may have seen a lot of excitement as they have just launched an entire skincare range. I have been sworn to secrecy about this launch, but I have already been trying the products for the past two months so here is my full Dermatica skincare range review (with a great discount code as well!)

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Dermatica Rosacea Treatment: Amazing 3 Month Results (+6 month update!)

I have been talking about rosacea on my blog for nearly 10 years and one of the most common questions I get is about prescription treatments. I hadn’t used a prescription rosacea treatment for nearly 16 years so I am very excited to share the results after using my Dermatica treatment for 3 months (I have now updated this post with my 6 month results as well).

In case you’ve not heard of Dermatica, they offer custom-made, prescription skincare treatments and they were the first in the UK to offer an online prescription-strength, evidence-based rosacea treatment tailored to your personal needs. Their goal is to make skincare treatments accessible and affordable for everyone. Shall we get into the details?

JAN ’23 UPDATE: I’ve now been using Dermatica for 17 months and am still really happy with it. I have recently tweaked my formula to include retinoids/Vitamin A – you can read my full review of the new formula HERE.

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[Originally posted in November 2021, updated in January 2023]
Dermatica Rosacea Treatment - with before and after photos
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