How Do I Look? Amara On Eczema

I am really enjoying writing this new blog series, How Do I Look? I’m learning so much about different skin conditions and visible differences, and that’s completely down to the honesty and openness of the people I’m interviewing. I’ve been banging the skin positivity drum for a while, starting with my own experiences with rosacea, but every week I am going to be talking to a different inspirational and interesting person, sharing their story and experiences to help and support others.

Today’s interview is with Amara, who has eczema. Amara is a journalist and we first ‘met’ when she interviewed me for a piece on rosacea a few years ago, and we bonded over the lack of media representation of people with anything less than perfect skin. I love following her on instagram as she not only shares candid updates on her skin, as well as the emotional impact it has on her, but she also doesn’t let her skin dictate her amazing outfit choices.

An interview about living with eczema. We chat skin positivity, eczema in the media, and the impact of skin conditions on mental health. Amara shares her eczema tips and advice. #talontedlex #eczematips #eczemaadvice
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