My 5 Favourite Apps

What did I fill my days with before I had an internet-enabled phone full-to-bursting with apps? (I probably just played Snake, let’s be honest) My phone is always alerting me to the fact that I have no memory left as I collect apps like I collect nail varnish. I am constantly dreaming of the day I can delete the Stocks and Compass app to give me more room for mindless games. So here are my 5 favourite apps: some are fun and some are more useful but they’re all ones I use pretty much every day. Don’t forget to let me know your favourite apps in the comments below – I may have to delete some photos to fit anything new on my phone so really sell your recommendations to me!

My 5 favourite apps: games, periods and social media management...

Photo credit: @technicallyron (I draw your attention to my deep concentration face and also the external charger attached to my phone, because I’d played Pokemon ALL DAY and my phone was not happy. ALSO this was the day that I dropped my phone because a pigeon flew directly at my face – not shown: the smashed iphone screen and my deep, deep rage. Bloody pigeon.)

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