My 5 Favourite Apps

What did I fill my days with before I had an internet-enabled phone full-to-bursting with apps? (I probably just played Snake, let’s be honest) My phone is always alerting me to the fact that I have no memory left as I collect apps like I collect nail varnish. I am constantly dreaming of the day I can delete the Stocks and Compass app to give me more room for mindless games. So here are my 5 favourite apps: some are fun and some are more useful but they’re all ones I use pretty much every day. Don’t forget to let me know your favourite apps in the comments below – I may have to delete some photos to fit anything new on my phone so really sell your recommendations to me!

My 5 favourite apps: games, periods and social media management...

Photo credit: @technicallyron (I draw your attention to my deep concentration face and also the external charger attached to my phone, because I’d played Pokemon ALL DAY and my phone was not happy. ALSO this was the day that I dropped my phone because a pigeon flew directly at my face – not shown: the smashed iphone screen and my deep, deep rage. Bloody pigeon.)

I want to make something clear right now. None of these apps have paid to appear in this blog post. I know that one of these in particular has been doing some sponsored content with bloggers recently but I am not one of them… even though I genuinely do play it. Just saying. Not bitter. (… I’m a little bit bitter)

Clue – This is probably the most useful app on my phone and one I have recommended to so many women. This app not only tracks your periods but also tracks every other thing that could be associated: pain, how you slept, digestion, moods etc. I found it so helpful in the run up to my surgery as it meant I could show the doctor exactly what my periods were like, the patterns in my pain etc. and I’ve found it even more helpful since my surgery as everyone reacts differently to the IUD (which I had inserted during my surgery). My periods have basically stopped now which is both amazing but also still very strange, but I still get the pain, disrupted sleep and upset stomach so this app is invaluable.

Best Fiends – I have a serious problem when it comes to phone games. I get so addicted, to the point where it takes over my life. I have been known to set alarms during the night to finish a challenge or sneak away from an event to quickly play a game. I told you, I have a problem. I’ve been through so many games but Best Fiends is the longest lasting one for me so I knew it had to feature in my 5 favourite apps list. It’s a really simple game where you go through levels, gain coins etc… you know the type. I’m currently on level 567. I KNOW. I even got my husband into it recently and he is now totally obsessed as well. Hang on, why am I not being paid for this!?

Pinterest – Yes, I’m a basic bitch. I flipping love Pinterest. I have so many boards and use it for inspiration all the time, whether that’s make up, nails, home decor, fashion… everything. It’s such a wonderful way to waste 10 minutes here and there: waiting for the kettle to boil, waiting for the tube, watching TV (dual screening 4 life). I recently got to 10k followers on there which is AMAZING and makes me so happy, so please come and join the party!

WordSwag – A few people have asked me how I do my YouTube holding images with the writing across the screen and it’s this little fancy app. You can use your own images and overlay text in all sorts of fonts and colours, or you can use their image database. If you’re into the whole inspirational quotes (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it) you’ll love this app.

Mosaico – This is definitely one that will only appeal to a certain group of people, either bloggers or those who are a little bit of a control freak. Mosaico is an app that lets you plan your instagram feed so you can see how photos look together which is really helpful if you have a theme. I think themes can be quite restrictive – I could never be one of those bloggers who only posts monochrome pictures – but I do post in a pattern so this helps me to see what’s coming up. It’s really easy to use and I’m a little bit addicted to it. It *is* £5.99 so it’s something you’d only get if you really need it!

And there are my my 5 favourite apps. What are your faves? I’m especially interested in games (shock)… enable me please!




  1. 17th March 2017 / 8:15 am

    Loved this post lex! And as if you sneak off to play! Did you really need the loo yesterday? I’m just not sure!!!

  2. 25th March 2017 / 8:43 pm

    The Dearly Departed app, I’m convinced it will help in a pub quiz one day x

  3. 12th April 2017 / 2:27 pm

    Spaceteam is a fun game you can play with other people (not sure if you can play on your own) You basically have to run a spaceship and shout commands at each other whilst also performing your own commands. It gets hectic and shouty but it’s funny!

    i wish i could wink

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