FRIDAY FAVES: Pink Styling, Pretty Ladies & Podcasts

I’ve completely lost track of what day it is: I woke up this morning convinced that it was Saturday. I feel like I can’t get enough sleep since the clocks changed – is that a thing? I’m not sure. Now that I’ve realised that it’s actually Friday, here are my Friday Faves!

Friday Faves: Pink styling, pretty ladies and podcasts

Good Week: On Monday I met up with Kirsty and Hayley for lunch and a photoshoot. We’ve all been feeling a bit uninspired, a bit ‘meh’ about blogging, and it was so helpful to sit and natter, bounce ideas, vent and laugh. They are the closest I have to colleagues and they keep me sane!

Bad Week: I accidentally failed at socialising so spectacularly that I still can’t work out what happened. In my defence I hadn’t spoken to anyone all day and I got a bit excited … but I went to buy a drink in pub and when the person gave me my change and said ‘enjoy!’ I replied with ‘Ha! Mmmmmaybe’ in a really creepy voice. The poor girl behind the bar didn’t really know what to do with that sinister reply and just smiled uncomfortably, while everyone else at the bar looked at me like I had just fallen out of a tree. You know those things that pop up in your brain when you’re trying to sleep? This is going straight in the 3am cringe section.

I’ve been trying out a few new primers recently because every time someone asks me what my favourite is I am that annoying person that says ‘It’s actually one I got in Japan… soz’. And this is the first one that I’ve been trying and that has really impressed me: the Cover FX Mattifying Primer*. It’s a very silicone-y  gel that makes your skin feel lovely and soft, smooths the skin and helps reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines. It keeps my oil at bay and it also contains anti-acne treatment (1% salicylic acid and some fruit AHAs) which is great for those who worry about primers exacerbating their blemishes. They do a few different primers in the range, so have a look to find one to fit your skin (e.g. illuminating and calming).

Friday Faves: Cover FX mattifying primer, great for oily and acne prone skin

Ru Paul’s Drag Race season 8 and 9 is now on Netflix and I am so happy. Season 8 is there in its entirety (#TeamKimChi) and season 9 is being released an episode at a time, every Saturday which I think is pretty much the same time as the US. Are you watching? Who are your early favourites? I always pick my faves in the first episode and then hate them by the middle! I’m so fickle!

I’ve found another murder podcast but this one is definitely an acquired taste. It’s called Last Podcast On The Left and it’s another ‘comedy-murder podcast’ (in the vein of My Favourite Murder) with three men who are absolutely hilarious. They make a point of saying that they are making fun of the murderers and not the victims, but they do some amazing impressions and invent silly conversations which have me in stitches. They do give some gruesome detail but I think it’s easier to listen to than Sword & Scale. My favourite episodes are their ‘Heavy Hitters’: multi-part episodes of famous or infamous murders. The best ones I’ve listened to so far are The Menendez Brothers and H.H. Holmes so maybe start with them and see if you like their humour.

You may have seen this in my blog post yesterday, but I am in LOVE with this blush pink ‘leather’ jacket from Bershka. It’s just so so beautiful and perfect for spring/summer. It’s easy to throw on over a tee and jeans and instantly makes me feel less like a goth… Even better, it’s under £40 which is amazing. There are lot more photos in the blog post above, so have a peek if you’re tempted to buy and need more encouragement!

Blush pink leather jacket

What has made you happy this week? Don’t forget to tell me your Friday Faves in the comments below.


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