Friday Faves: Make Up, Musicals and ‘Mazing Bath Salts

Sometimes there are great things that I’m desperate to tell you about but they don’t feel quite big enough for a whole blog post. I tried doing ‘current favourites’ posts but they started becoming huge, unwieldy beasts and just didn’t have the same feel to them. I want these Friday Faves posts to be like the urgent WhatsApp messages I send to my friends saying ‘If you haven’t watched/listened to/tried/eaten *insert current obsession* then we cannot be friends anymore until you have rectified this situation’.

So let’s go – here are the things that I desperately want you to discover so that we can bond over how much we both adore them.

Friday Faves: Make Up, Musicals and 'Mazing Bath Salts

When it comes to make up I’m a bit of a floozy: I try so many beauty products and fall in love with new things every week. But when it comes to mascara I’m very hard to please. I’ve been a dedicated user of the Maybelline Lash Sensational for months and months and I’ve tried so many other mascaras in that time but none have tempted me away… until now. I recently bought the Maybelline The Falshies Push-Up Angel mascara on one of those deals at the Superdrug tills: you know, the ones that usually ask if you want a bar of chocolate or hand sanitiser? This time, they were offering this new mascara for a few pounds so I thought why the hell not? And I’m glad I did because it is brilliant! It’s got an unusual brush, as you can see below, with tiny teeth to grab every last eyelash and a fan shape to help lift and separate. It gives a very subtle fluttery look which I really like, plus it doesn’t end up all over my brow bone which I always struggle with. I’m so impressed with this mascara. What are your favourite high street mascaras? Now that I’m cheating on my usual mascara I may as well go the whole way!

Friday Faves: Make Up, Musicals and 'Mazing Bath Salts

I became aware of Butter Bar Soapery through the lovely Emma and I am so glad I did. If you’re looking for an independent brand who makes bath products good enough to eat, then this will be right up your street. The Butter Bar Soapery Vanilla, Cocoa and Honey Bath Salts* smell so good that you will never want to leave your bath again. I’ve been really struggling to relax recently and it has been impacting on my sleep, but a soak with these bath salts helps me to feel so calm and ready for a good night’s sleep. They also sent me some soaps which smell so delicious I have to remind myself not to nibble on them, as well as being so pretty that they’d make lovely gifts.

Friday Faves: Make Up, Musicals and 'Mazing Bath Salts

Friday Faves: Make Up, Musicals and 'Mazing Bath Salts

Mikhila has been pestering me to watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for ages and I am now kicking myself that I took so long to do it. If you’re looking for a funny, but slight dark musical comedy (don’t worry, the songs are very well done and are probably the best thing about the show – even my husband agrees and he is not a fan of musicals!) then I’d recommend giving this a go on Netflix. We’re currently watching the second series which I’m not enjoying as much – the lead character has become so unlikeable that I’m struggling to care what happens to her – but would happily watch the first season all over again! Warning: the theme music is so catchy it may never leave your head.

I hope you enjoyed my Friday Faves. What have you been loving this week? I’m always in the market for TV box set recommendations, new make up ideas, and things to pamper myself with! Let me know your Friday Faves in the comments below.


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  1. Gemma
    17th February 2017 / 11:00 pm

    I’ve recently tried Maybelline 24h lipstick and I thought it was unbelievable. You need to start with squeaky clean lips and not rub your lips together until after it’s dried, but I’ve never known a lipstick last so well (in fact, it’s a bit of a pig to take off!).

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