November Monthly Favourites 2015

It’s December and I’m in full on carol-playing, gluten-free-mince-pie-eating, Baileys-drinking, festive-jumper-wearing, annoyingly-chirpy Christmas mode. But before I get too excited about the coming festivities, let’s take a look back at my November monthly favourites 2015. There are some old favourites, a few new bits and pieces and some book recommendations (as always), don’t forget to tell me your faves from the month too!

November Monthly Favourites 2015

November Monthly Favourites 2015

First up is a long-time favourite: Esteé Lauder Double Wear Light. This is my go-to foundation when I need something high coverage, long-lasting but still not heavy or cakey. This is the foundation I compare everything else to and as the weather has turned and my rosacea is flaring up more often, I have been reaching for it a lot. You can buy it HERE.

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub is a bedside necessity for me. Every other night I’ll use this to scrub any dead skin from my lips, leaving them soft, plumped up and ready for my ongoing matte lipstick obsession. Plus it smells seriously yummy! Get it HERE.

Monthly Favourites November 2015 Talonted Lex

L’Oréal Paris Mono Eyeshadow in ‘601 Soleil Levant’. When I bought this I thought it looked quite pretty but wasn’t prepared to be blown away – I mostly picked it up because of the pattern in the powder. Yes, I’m that shallow and easily bought. But this is a seriously beautiful shade: a shimmery taupe with a stunning iridescent blue shimmer running through it. I use this as a wash of colour over my lid and I have been loving it. (Tell me other people only use a little corner so they don’t ruin the pattern?!)

Monthly Favourites November 2015 Talonted Lex

You may have seen my review of the essie Cashmere mattes collection (if not you can read it HERE), but this was my favourite from the range – ‘comfy in cashmere‘, a dove grey-lilac with a slight blue tint. I keep going back to it, which is pretty rare for me!

Monthly Favourites November 2015 Talonted Lex

Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are among my all-time favourites: they are matte without being drying, long-lasting without going cakey and the colours are perfection. This is my favourite from the range, ‘Love Liberty‘. It’s the most beautiful dark berry shade that has a gorgeous glow to it that makes lips look full and means you avoid the flat and dull look some matte lip products can give. Purchase it HERE.

Monthly Favourites November 2015 Talonted LexMonthly Favourites November 2015 Talonted Lex

Those of you who follow me on instagram (if you don’t, you can rectify that shocking state of affairs HERE) will have seen a selfie I posted wearing this incredible lipstick. Some of you will have heard of MDMflow lipsticks, but for those of you who haven’t it’s a London indie brand that’s handmade, cruelty free, and with a great ethos. I used to work with Flow and she is destined for great things, so pick up a lipstick while she’s on the way up so you can say you were there at the beginning! They’re available at SHOP, Topshop and Beauty Bay. I chose ‘Vamp‘, a dark berry red that’s matte (of course) and beautiful. It’s a little gritty in the bullet but you can’t feel that on the lips, plus the packaging is so cool.

Monthly Favourites November 2015 Talonted Lex

Life-Abet by Aaron Gillies – #SorryNotSorry for the shameless plug but my husband released a book this month and I am so flipping proud. He is hilarious (even if I do say so myself!) and I would really recommend it for Christmas presents, Secret Santa or just for yourself. It’s a cynical, silly look at modern life and it’s filled with the kind of jokes you’ll find on his TWITTER account, so if you follow him on there you’ll love this. I have been reading it on the train on my Kindle and even though I read all the drafts I was still snort laughing! You can buy it .

Monthly Favourites November 2015 Talonted Lex

Two more to go! We’re nearly there!

Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom – I’ve been a fan of colouring in for years (I don’t think I ever really grew out of it to be honest) as I find it so calming and relaxing. So the recent rise in ‘adult colouring books’ (which always makes it sound like they should be vaguely rude…) has pleased me greatly. Millie Marotta’s books are some of the best out there: intricate, beautiful and so much fun. Buy it HERE.

And lastly, the Sleek Face Form Contour Palette. I went to a Sleek event a few weeks ago and had my make up done by a lovely MUA who used this palette on me and POW! CHEEKBONES. So I went out the next day and bought it. I struggled to decide between two shades (who knows which is lighter out of ‘light’ and ‘fair’? Anyone? Bueller?) but eventually decided on ‘Light‘. The contour shade is so pigmented so I very lightly bounce my brush on the surface and dust off the majority before lightly using it to define my cheekbones, sweep onto my temples and jawline. The highlighter is a very pretty (if slightly chunky) champagney-gold. The blusher really surprised me as I was a bit worried when I saw it – it looked too bright, too gold, too intense. But I have fallen in LOVE with it. I am embracing my glow and my newly discovered cheekbones! You can do the same HERE.

So, there are all my November favourites. Let me know your favourites from the past month in the comments below, or on Twitter (username @TalontedLex). ALSO I’ve recently started to get into Snapchat (how do you do, fellow kids?) so add me up on there if you are so inclined and Periscope – my name is talontedlex on both platforms. I love connecting with people (and nosing into their lives…obv)



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