essie Cashmere Collection 2015 Review and Swatches

essie Cashmere Collection 2015 Review and Swatches

I have been waiting for this range to come to the UK for about a year. I’ve been lusting over it ever since US bloggers started posting previews and it’s finally here!


essie Cashmere Collection 2015 Review and Swatches

The colours are all soft and cozy looking, as the name Cashmere Collection would suggest, and in case you didn’t know are all matte finishes. Matte nail varnish seems to polarise opinion – some people miss the shiny finish but I absolutely love it. It feels lovely and it is eye-catching because it’s so different.

So who wants some swatches? Each of these was perfect in 2 coats but you have to work fairly quickly as the layers dry faster than regular polish – which is good, because obviously you can’t use a top coat!

essie-Cashmere-Collection-matte-review-swatches-just-stitched-talonted-lex-4 essie-Cashmere-Collection-matte-review-swatches-just-stitched-talonted-lex

essie-Cashmere-Collection-matte-review-swatches-just-stitched-talonted-lex-3 essie-Cashmere-Collection-matte-review-swatches-just-stitched-talonted-lex-2

First up is ‘just stitched‘ which is described as a ‘warm, pearly plush pink’. This looks like a fairly plain pastel pink in the bottle, but once it’s on the nails it has a super pretty blue shimmer in the light.

essie-Cashmere-Collection-matte-review-swatches-coat-couture-talonted-lex-3 essie-Cashmere-Collection-matte-review-swatches-coat-couture-talonted-lex


Next up is ‘coat couture‘, which is a ‘deep purple shimmer over compelling greige’. It’s a soft blue-toned grey that just looks like a soft jumper. Some matte nail polishes tend to have a dull, flat quality but these have real depth.

essie-Cashmere-Collection-matte-review-swatches-wrap-me-up-talonted-lex-4 essie-Cashmere-Collection-matte-review-swatches-wrap-me-up-talonted-lex

essie-Cashmere-Collection-matte-review-swatches-wrap-me-up-talonted-lex-3 essie-Cashmere-Collection-matte-review-swatches-wrap-me-up-talonted-lex-2

The lightest shade in the collection is ‘wrap me up‘ described as a ‘whisper-soft neutral pink’, although I would say that it’s a very pale cream. I loved the way this looked: so chic and clean.

essie-Cashmere-Collection-matte-review-swatches-spun-in-luxe-talonted-lex-3 essie-Cashmere-Collection-matte-review-swatches-spun-in-luxe-talonted-lex


This is ‘spun in luxe‘, the darkest shade in the collection. This was the only one in the collection that looked prettier in the bottle than on the nails: this is a navy blue base with a bright blue shimmer that I wish was more intense on the nails. It does give another dimension to the polish, but I would have preferred more shimmer in the light.

essie-Cashmere-Collection-matte-review-swatches-all-eyes-on-nudes-talonted-lex-2 essie-Cashmere-Collection-matte-review-swatches-all-eyes-on-nudes-talonted-lex

Next is ‘all eyes on nudes‘, which essie describe as ‘a camel-toned neutral’. I’m not the biggest fan of nude nails – I like the way so-called ‘mannequin nails’ look, especially on long nails, but it’s very hard to find the right shade for your skin tone. I think this one is slightly too dark for me, but it still looks gorgeous on, plus tan nails really suit the current 70s trend.

essie-Cashmere-Collection-matte-review-swatches-comfy-in-cashmere-talonted-lex-3 essie-Cashmere-Collection-matte-review-swatches-comfy-in-cashmere-talonted-lex


And last, but definitely not least, is ‘comfy in cashmere‘ – my favourite polish from the collection – a ‘blend of mauve and and deep velvet undertones’. This looks so soft and, well, comfy! It’s a dove grey-lilac with a slight blue tint in the light. Love, love, love.

This whole collection is so beautiful, I am really pleased I finally got my hands on it. It does have its limitations, which are standard with any matte nail varnish: the wear time is not the same as you would get with a regular polish because you are missing out the top coat stage which will naturally reduce the longevity of your manicure. I got a good 3 days wear without chips, which I am fine with as I am willing to accept that for the amazing finish of these polishes. Don’t forget to use a base coat – I’d recommend a rubbery finish one, like ORLY Bonder – as this will help to prolong your manicure.

If you really wanted to increase the wear time, while keeping the matte finish, you could apply the polish, add top coat and then apply a matte top coat – it sounds like a bit of a faff but would be worth looking into if the wear time is a deal breaker for you. However, to me, that does seem like a shame as the finish is truly stunning – some matte nail varnishes dry lumpy and messy-looking, but the formula of these is excellent. I’d rather save on the two top coats, and just spend that extra time doing another manicure mid week!

If you’re looking for an unusual and beautiful nail varnish collection, the essie Cashmere Collection will be right up your street. Do you think you will try it out?


*This product was sent to me for independent review.


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