Best Books Of 2023: What I Read In 2023

I read 122 books this year and I wanted to share my list as there are some flipping BRILLIANT ones. I know that some people can get weird about book challenges and talking about reading goals. For me, setting a goal keeps me on track: instead of doom scrolling on my phone or watching videos on TikTok, I’ll make time in my day to read.

People often want to know how to read more and the answer is very boring: like everything in life, if you care about it you’ll prioritise it. Some people go to the gym, some people bake, some people read. I’m also lucky in that I am my sole priority: I don’t have kids, my husband can fend for himself (and also really got into reading this year, although our book tastes are very different…), and my tiny dog is never happier than when I’m sat still under a blanket, so my life is pretty well set up for being able to read for a couple of hours every day. But I believe everyone can make a little time if they really want to: get the kindle app and have some books on your phone so you can knock out a few pages waiting for the bus, or on your lunchbreak, or before bed.

Finding books that really grab you is also the best way to get into reading: don’t feel like you have to read the classics, or whatever books everyone else is reading. Just read what grabs you: I have an addiction to self-published apocalypse fiction that most people would consider either boring, poorly-written or both, but I like it. My husband’s favourite genre is something called splatterpunk. Finding your niche is the easiest way to engage with reading and make it a pleasure instead of a chore.

So. My books of 2023.

This format isn’t rocket science but here are a few explanations anyway. The books are separated into categories, this is more for my own interest to see what genres were my most popular, but it might also be useful if you just want to skip straight to your favourite genres. I’ve tried to sort the books into most favourite to least favourite in each category, with the bolded ones being my 21 favourites of the whole year. I’ve added blurbs to the books that I felt drawn to explain, whether that’s positive or negative or just signposting things about the book I think you’ll find interesting. And lastly, if you’d like to see the books I read last year, you can see my list HERE.

Shall we dive in?



This whole section has some great recommendations if this genre is your bag. Psychological thrillers can get a bit samey, especially in the wrong hands, but I would recommend pretty much all of these (apart from the bottom six…)






I read quite a lot for work this year which was fun. I would recommend most of this list (except the bottom two) if you’re interested in beauty, skin, psychology of appearance etc.


These are complete volumes, not individual books.

What a year! I’m sticking to the same book challenge for 2024 – 120 books – as 2.5 books a week gives me a bit of wiggle room when I know I’ll be busy (March – June in particular is going to be chaos). You can follow me on Goodreads if you’d like to keep up with what I’m reading HERE.

Please leave me a comment with the best book you read last year (or your all-time favourite book) so I can add it to my wishlist.



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