HOW TO: Leopard Print Nail Art

Today I’m throwing it back to my nail blogger roots with a nail art tutorial. For those of you who don’t know, my blog started as a nail blog (hence the nail pun name!) and painting my nails is still one of my favourite ways to relax. Whenever I’m lacking inspiration, leopard print nail art is always my go-to look so it was a no-brainer when I asked on Instagram if people would like to see some quick nail art tutorials.

How to do leopard print nail art - a step by step nail art tutorial. Easy nail art inspiration. #talontedlex #leopardnails #easynailart
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Leopard Print Nail Art Tutorial

Leopard Print Nail Art Tutorial

Leopard Print Nail Art Tutorial

After someone on the internet pinched a photo of my nail art and did their own tutorial for it, I thought I would do some of my own! *shakes fist at stupid internet photo stealers*

Leopard print is my go-to nail art when I have no time or am feeling totally uninspired. These photos are pretty self-explanatory but here are a few steps so you can recreate this at home:

  • Paint your basecoat and base colour onto your nails
  • Using your contrasting colour (in my example I used white) paint small blobs in various sizes
  • Put small dots in another contrasting colour (in my example, black) at various points around the blobs (I used a dotting tool, which are a few pounds on Amazon/Ebay or HERE – you can also use the tip of a stretched out hair pin if you want to go really DIY!)
  • Now join up some of the dots, and add lines and dots in the spaces if you want to
  • Add top coat. I used Seche Vite (of course!)

And you’re done! Let me know what other tutorials you would like to see from me?

(Also please ignore the blurriness of that photo, I don’t know what happened there…!)