SVR Sensifine Skincare Review – Designed For Sensitive Skin

When I first started this blog, I used to try out new skincare all the time. Those of you who have been here a while will remember that I used to do monthly Skincare Shake Ups, where I would switch up my whole routine at the start of each month. I did this partly because I flipping love skincare and am always on the hunt for the newest thing that might transform my skin, but partly I did it so that I could better give advice to more people. I get a lot of questions asking for affordable options, some want luxury treats, others want vegan options, or at least cruelty-free options, or products available in specific countries, things from independent brands, things available online… the list is endless and I wanted to try to find things that worked for any or all of you. Sadly, as we all know, sensitive skin – and particularly rosacea – thrives on routine. My skin has never been happier since I stopped switching skincare so often, relying on my tried and true products that I know won’t let me down.

Because of this, I tend to turn down most new product launches unless they’re offering something new, exciting, or different. Which brings me to today’s blog post: a SVR Sensifine skincare range review.

Review of the SVR Sensifine skincare range. I tested out the hero products and wrote about how my rosacea fared with this simple, minimal ingredient range. Skincare for sensitive skin, best skincare for rosacea. Why is French skincare so good?

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