SVR Sensifine Review – An Affordable Saviour For Rosacea Sensitive Skin

When I first started this blog, I used to try out new skincare all the time. Those of you who have been here a while will remember that I used to do monthly Skincare Shake Ups, where I would switch up my whole routine at the start of each month. I did this partly because I flipping love skincare and am always on the hunt for the newest thing that might transform my skin, but partly I did it so that I could better give advice to more people. I get a lot of questions asking for affordable options, some want luxury treats, others want vegan options, or at least cruelty-free options, or products available in specific countries, things from independent brands, things available online… the list is endless and I wanted to try to find things that worked for any or all of you. Sadly, as we all know, sensitive skin – and particularly rosacea – thrives on routine. My skin has never been happier since I stopped switching skincare so often, relying on my tried and true products that I know won’t let me down.

Because of this, I tend to turn down most new product launches unless they’re offering something new, exciting, or different. Which brings me to today’s blog post: a SVR Sensifine skincare range review.

Review of the SVR Sensifine skincare range. I tested out the hero products and wrote about how my rosacea fared with this simple, minimal ingredient range. Skincare for sensitive skin, best skincare for rosacea. Why is French skincare so good?#talontedlex #skincaretips #SVRskincare #skincareadvice

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I had never heard of this French brand before, even though they’ve been around since 1962. They are described as a dermo-cosmetic brand that are tested only on sensitive skin. They have lots of different ranges for every skin issue or need – the sun protection range in particular looks great – which is very exciting. I was sent some hero products from the Sensifine range, designed for reactive and intolerant skin. What stood out to me (over the countless press releases I get for skincare for sensitive skin) was that each product in the range contains between 9 and 15 ingredients which is BONKERS (that’s what the numbers of the front of the products represent). Have a look at some of the skincare in your current routine and count the ingredients to truly appreciate how low the numbers they use are. Their products also exclude “any allergenic, irritating or unnecessary ingredients including: fragrance, parabens, alcohol, preservatives, silicone, colorant, surfactant, mineral oil, paraffin and lanolin”.

The SVR SENSIFINE Cream Balm Cleanser* squeezes easily out of the tube, and quickly turns into a light oil on the skin. It dissolves make up and then instantly emulsifies when water is applied which makes removal a dream – no oily film left on the face, no greasy mess, and no sticky hands. It’s also only £15 which is brilliant value for 100ml, especially as I use a blob the size of a grape to cleanse my whole face. The only small negative is that – to me – it smells just like melted butter which is really off-putting, but I persevere because the cleanser itself is really wonderful!

SVR SENSIFINE Aqua-Gel Serum* – I never thought I could feel so strongly about a serum but this is lovely. It contains 10% aloe vera as well as panthenol. The latter is often used in after-sun as it’s soothing, hydrating, and helps with healing, all of which makes it great for irritated, compromised, or sensitive skin. It contains 8 ingredients and 97% ingredients of natural origin. The gel formula is very lightweight, and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight, sticky, or dry. I will definitely be replacing this once its empty.

SVR SENSIFINE Nutri-Balm Moisturiser* – The key ingredients in this product are Panthenol, shea butter, and squalane. Interestingly, the website says this product can also be used as a hand cream and I think that helps to describe its texture: slightly thicker than the average face moisturiser, with a little bit of a residue left on the skin after application. I really like this type of product in the winter months, when I want something that almost cocoons my skin and leaves it feeling protected, but it was a little heavy for the warmer weather. I will definitely dig this back out in the next month or so to retry it.

The packaging of these products is also interesting: the Cleansing Balm and Nutri-Balm come in a squeezable aluminium tube which means they can be recycled countless times (and also means they are lightweight which is great for travelling… a girl can dream, right!), while the Serum comes in reduced-plastic packaging. The container was originally designed for a 30ml product but they reduced the inside walls so it now fits 40ml of product. Also, as the pump is independent from the bottle, it can be recycled.

You can see the full SVR Sensifine range HERE – I’m particularly intrigued by the face mask (we all know I’m partial to a gentle and soothing mask!) so if you’ve tried it please let me know.




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  1. Alice
    8th October 2020 / 10:37 pm

    I really like the Sensifine AR Micellar water – for some reason my skin just prefers it compared to Bioderma Sensibio H20 – and it works well as a first cleanse to remove make up and sunscreen.
    The other product in that range I’ve tried is the Sensifine AR Crème SPF50+ which I find is pretty similar to the LRP Anthelios Sun Intolerance SPF50+ and has a slight yellow tint to it so helps to tone down redness but if you’re not a pale skin tone then this colouring might not work so well.

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