Inglot 722 Nail Varnish

Inglot 722 Nail Varnish

Inglot 722 Nail Varnish

The first nail varnish from my Dubai holiday haul is Inglot 722 nail varnish. I had never heard of Inglot but apparently they are worldwide.

Yellow polish has a soft spot in my heart but this one is special as it’s my first ever matte polish. I need some practice getting the finish a bit smoother: I definitely missed having a top coat to rely on to smooth everything out. But I love the matte effect and, for such a bright colour, I only needed two coats.

You can look at the Inglot matte nail enamel range HERE.

This colour certainly gave me my holiday feeling back, which I definitely needed after returning from 40+ heat to 10 degrees in London! Brrrr…


Inglot ‘722’ Nail Varnish


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