Accessorize Lovestruck lipstick

Accessorize Lovestruck lipstick

Accessorize Lovestruck lipstick

I’m not going to lie to you: I mainly bought this lipstick because of the packaging. I adore it. I am a total sucker for packaging, I’m a marketers dream. Anything pretty, bright or unusual… I’m in. So this caught my eye in Superdrug immediately. I picked a shade that I thought looked pretty and didn’t even try swatching it or looking at reviews. So it is a happy coincidence that I absolutely love this lipstick.

It is very buttery in its consistency, I don’t think I own another lip product that is as creamy. This makes it super easy to wear as it’s not drying and you can’t really tell you have it on which is always nice. However, it can smudge a bit and does get everywhere (on coffee cups, food, boyfriend’s face…)

As you can see from the pictures it’s ultra pink, almost neon, but in a very flattering and wearable way.

Have you tried any of the Accessorize lipsticks or other things from their range? It doesn’t look like they do this lipstick any more but you can see their current range which is just as ridiculously pretty HERE.


Feb 2016 EDIT – looking back at this post makes me sad as my skin was so bad – my rosacea and dermatitis was so severe and my foundation looks cakey and horrible. I was tempted to delete this post but wanted to be able to see how far my skin has come in a few years.

Accessorize Lovestruck lipstick Accessorize Lovestruck lipstick Accessorize Lovestruck lipstick Accessorize Lovestruck lipstick Accessorize Lovestruck lipstick


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