Custom nail decals by DIY Nails

Custom nail decals by DIY Nails

Custom nail decals by DIY Nails DIY Nails custom nail decals DIY Nails custom nail decals

You may remember a few months ago I posted about some amazing custom nail decals by DIY Nails that I ordered from the wonderful Tammy … I finally used them!

She makes nail decals with any design you want on them and, obviously, I chose gin bottles. JUST LOOK AT THEM. So amazing. And only £6! BARGAIN. If you haven’t looked at the DIY Nails website, I really recommend it. There are lots of really cute things on there so have a nosey!

So how do you use these bad boys? It’s super simple. You carefully cut each decal out, getting as close to the image as you can, soak it in water for 30 seconds by which point the backing will start to slide away and you can then delicately place the image on your nails. If you’ve ever used those temporary tattoos y0u used to get in bubble gum packs it’s a very similar method! Secure with topcoat and you’re done. They’re a bit fiddly but it gets easier as you go along. By the 4th finger I was pretty quick!

I am definitely going to get some more for my hen do. Eeeee!

What do you guys think? What would you get on your custom nail decals by DIY Nails? You can get your own here.

EXCITING EDIT: Tammy (the creator of DIY Nails) has also now opened a real life salon in Glasgow. You can see more info HERE. I haven’t visited it yet but cannot wait to go, it looks so cute and quirky from the photos I’ve seen. So proud to see all her hard work pay off. If you like the look of the decals on her website, but don’t have the steady hands to use them yourself, you can just go to NAF salon and have them done for you! Bonus.



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