Models Own Gold Finger Review

Models Own Gold Finger

Models Own Gold Finger

This stunning polish was lying unloved and unopened in my untried pile. What on earth was I thinking? This is so beautiful! This manicure is shown with 3 coats of dense glitter that didn’t need any placement which means it’s a total faff free manicure. The glitter is so shiny and sparkly and has attracted so many comments when I’ve been wearing it.

I think have found a new favourite glitter! If you’re in love with this but wary of glitter removal, I have a video with a really quick and easy removal method. It will change your life (okay, that may be an over exaggeration but it is pretty great! You can watch it HERE)

It looks like Models Own have stopped selling this (WHHHHHYYYYyyyyyy) but you can get it HERE if you just can’t live without this sparkle in your life.


Models Own Gold Finger Models Own Gold Finger


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