Send Nudes: Jessica Silhouette Collection Review

When I’m shopping for nail varnish, I am always drawn to glitter and bright obnoxious shades and these tend to be the ones I get really excited by. But in my (*extensive*) nail varnish collection, if I think about my most worn shades it will always be nudes in the greige kind of area. There are shades to suit every skin tone, they go with everything, and they make you look instantly put together even if you’ve just thrown on some jeans and a tee. So the new Jessica Silhouette Collection definitely piqued my interest…

Jessica Silhouette Collection: 'Bare It All', 'Exposed', 'Tease', and Brilliance Top Coat

In all the manicures below, I used the Jessica Brilliance Top Coat*, which dries very quickly, is super glossy and smoothes out even a chunky 4-coater.

Jessica ‘Bare It All’* is described as a ‘delicate neutral nude’, as you can see below it’s a very light peach tone. The formula was quite thick but I still needed three coats to cover any remaining bald spots (which is pretty standard with pastel-type shades).

Jessica Silhouette Collection 'Bare It All'

Jessica ‘Exposed’*, described as a ‘glistening ecru’ which sounds so fancy! It a true greige which looks like it has fine glitter in the bottle, but is actually a flakey holographic style polish. This can give a very pretty effect to the nails but can also mean that the polish can look a little messy without top coat due to the formula not being totally smooth. I used three coats to give full coverage which gives a lovely multi-dimensional appearance, as the flakes peek out from each layer in a different way.

Jessica Silhouette Collection 'Exposed'

Jessica Silhouette Collection 'Exposed'

Lastly, Jessica ‘Tease* is probably my favourite colour of the three which will not be surprising to any of you as it’s a dusty rose shade! However, this polish’s formula was so different to Bare It All – it was very thin, almost watery, which made it hard to use and also  meant that it needed four coats for full coverage. If you love a sheer, pretty glimpse of colour this would probably be great for you as you could just do one or two coats, but I am definitely an opaque nail polish girl. It seems odd that the formula is so different within the range so maybe my bottle will get better with time.

Jessica Silhouette Collection 'Tease'

Which is your favourite from the Jessica Silhouette Collection? Do you have a go-to nude nail varnish that never lets you down? Enable me in the comments below!


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Jessica Silhouette Collection


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  1. Karen
    8th October 2017 / 7:30 pm

    I love Jessica Faintest Whisper as it goes on so easily without any bald spots. Would you say Tease is a similar formula?

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