Revlon Plum Night Review

Revlon Plum Night

Revlon Plum Night

I found these photos on my computer and realised that I had never blogged them. This manicure was done just after a few nails breaks, hence the uneven nail lengths – I apologise!

Revlon Plum Night is a rich aubergine coloured cream polish that is absolute perfection in 2 coats. This is a glorious autumnal colour and, as we are meant to be in summer but it’s freezing and raining, I’m going to allow myself to bust out this colour now! At first glance this nail varnish would look almost black, but the plum tones to it really come out in natural light and give this an interesting depth, as you can see in the picture below. This manicure is topped with Seche Vite (of course).

You can buy this nail varnish for £4.99 HERE.


Revlon Plum Night


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