GOSH 549 Holographic Hero

GOSH 549 Holographic Hero

GOSH 549 Holographic Hero

I have been searching for this polish forever. It is like the nail blogging community’s version of a unicorn. So when I found it in Superdrug I did a little squeak… and then bought two bottles, just in case!

I can’t believe *just* how holographic it is, it is so beautiful. I could not stop staring it when I had it on. It changes so much and shifts colours in the light so you cannot help but look at it. This is two coats of polish AND I only put top coat on the ring finger, in order to show you that it is this beautiful even without top coat! (Word of warning, it does chip like you wouldn’t believe if you don’t wear a base and top coat, but I think that’s pretty standard for holo polishes).

I’ve added lots more photos below as I wanted to show as much of the changing colours as I could. I’ve recently done some striping nail art using GOSH 549 Holographic Hero as the base colour – you can see it HERE.

I can’t find this polish online anywhere at the moment, but keep your beady eyes out as I think they occasionally rerelease it just to watch the frenzy! You can see their current range HERE.


GOSH 549 Holographic Hero GOSH 549 Holographic Hero GOSH 549 Holographic Hero


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