OPI When Monkeys Fly Nail Varnish

OPI When Monkeys Fly Nail Varnish

OPI When Monkeys Fly Nail Varnish

I didn’t want to write a negative review. I love OPI. True love, love them. I have raved about them in the past, but I couldn’t get over the issues with this nail varnish. When I saw the polishes they were bringing out to coincide with the ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’ film, I was so excited: Glitter ‘til the cows come home. And pretty, unusual glitters. Almost indie-polish glitter. *swoon*

Aaron got me three of the polishes for my birthday (in April! I am so behind in my swatching!) and I reviewed one of the others HERE.

I heard the criticism of this OPI When Monkeys Fly nail varnish before I tried it and most of you will have heard about the glitter issue already. But for those who haven’t you will be just as disappointed as I was. These pictures show the OPI polish on top of Kiko 335. The polish has small and medium holographic hex glitters and large hex gold glitters, set in a clear base. The large gold glitters are the issue: they curl like mofos. The close up pictures show the glitter curling up at the edges – this manicure has 3 coats of Seche Vite. Thick coats. And the curling is still obvious. The glitter caught on everything: my hair, my clothes, my skin. I ended up taking this off because it annoyed me so much.

And it’s such a shame because it is beautiful. And if it didn’t have these problems it would probably be a favourite. But I just don’t think there’s any excuse for a huge brand like OPI to have these kind of problems. Especially as when everyone complained their response was basically ‘sorry about that, send it back to us and you can pick another polish from the collection to replace it’. That’s wildly unhelpful: 1) I already bought the polishes I wanted from the collection and 2) this was one of the polishes I chose and I want this one.

I hate being negative because I know they have probably had a complete nightmare dealing with this and they obviously don’t have a solution. But I am just so disappointed.

Anyone managed to get around the curling issue? What do you guys think about the curling? Apologies for the growth on these polishes, I wasn’t going to write this blog post but saw a few people lusting after it, so needed to warn you!


OPI When Monkeys Fly OPI When Monkeys Fly OPI When Monkeys Fly OPI When Monkeys Fly OPI When Monkeys Fly OPI When Monkeys Fly


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