Make Up Revolution Flawless And Salvation Palettes

Make Up Revolution Flawless And Salvation Palettes

Make Up Revolution Flawless And Salvation Palettes

That thing you can see in the distance is a bandwagon and this is me chasing it to jump right on! Make Up Revolution appeared out of nowhere a few months ago and the blogging world has gone crazy for it. Affordable make-up with an amazingly wide range of products? GIMME.

I decided to try out their eyeshadows first as they looked so gorgeous and were so affordable. I got the ‘Flawless’ palette and ‘Girls On Film’ and have been using them every day since.

The photos above are of the Flawless and Salvation palettes. The Flawless palette is a gorgeous mix of 32 shimmers and mattes in a range of neutral colours, while the Salvation ‘Girls On Film’ palette is an 18-colour palette with a mix of shimmer and matte eyeshadows. They are both seriously stunning. I would recommend wearing an eyeshadow primer with these as they have a tendency to crease by the end of day but apart from that I really can’t fault them. They both come in a sturdy black case with a mirror.

The Flawless palette is £8 and the Salvation palette is £6.

Have you tried these palettes? What are your favourite shades?



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