No7 Make Up Brushes Range

No7 are really impressing me at the moment! Today I have another great launch from the team. I’m always looking out for affordable and high quality make up brushes as I like to have lots of options for that inevitable day when you realise all of your brushes need to be washed and you have no time! The No7 team have relaunched their make up brush range, including 5 brand new brushes.
No7 Make Up Brushes Range


No7 Make Up Brushes Range

The first thing that stood out to me about this range was the multitasking brush: the NEW No7 contour and highlight brush in one. When I was packing for Japan this saved me valuable space in what was already a ridiculously full make up bag. As you can see, one end is a tapered, slim brush that is perfect for achieving subtle but defined contouring, while the other end had a fluffy domed brush for accurate but diffused highlighting. Why don’t more companies make dual ended brushes? It’s genius! The only downside is that I can’t keep it in my brushes pot as it means one end of the brush getting crushed but it’s not a huge problem. This is £14.

I love my huge powder brushes and this one is definitely up there in quality with some of the more expensive ones I use. It’s a large domed brush with brushes that are densely packed enough to pick up a good amount of product but not so densely packed that it feels rough on your skin. This is £17.50.

Lastly I tried the concealer brush (£8). This is perfect for applying your liquid concealer under your eyes and also around your lips to give the perfect line after lipstick. It is thin but substantial enough to get enough product on the brush.

All of the brushes have sleek black handles and dark black-bronze medal detailing which makes them look and feel a lot more expensive than they are.

What do you think to the new No7 make up brushes range? Do any of them catch your eye?


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