B. Sweet Candy Shop SS15 Collection

For me, the arrival of Spring / Summer every year sparks a big change: clothes, hair, attitude and (perhaps the easiest to do) make up. The B. Sweet collection has some absolutely gorgeous bits and pieces that will help me transition and embrace the glowy, pretty look I tend to gravitate towards in warmer months.

(P.S. I’m currently only my hols in New York – eeeee! – but I somehow got organised enough to schedule some blog posts).

B. Sweet Candy Shop SS15 Collection

B. Sweet Candy Shop SS15 Collection

If you read my blog quite often, you will have seen this beautiful creature in my monthly favourites for April which you can read HERE. It’s the B. Sweet Popping Candy Highlighting Serum and it looks very strange and scary but it’s actually genius. It’s tiny balls of highlighter cream suspended in clear serum, so when you press the pump dispenser some of the bubbles burst and what comes out is a (slightly lumpy and odd looking) glowy serum. But as soon as you smooth it on to your face…good LORD is this stuff beautiful. It’s iridescent and seriously eye-catching but not in a glittery way. Just in a glow-y way. I like to wear this under foundation as then it gives a stunning ‘lit from within’ look. If you want to add a bit more oomph you can pat it onto cheekbones, brow bone and down the centre of the nose after foundation.

This is £14.99 for 30ml but a little goes a long way, I don’t even use a whole pump for my entire face so this will last ages (in case you don’t know, B. is a Superdrug brand  so head to their website to purchase HERE).


When I go away, my huge make up brushes are the bane of my suitcase. I try to be so streamlined with my make up (and usually fail) but then still have to have a whole other bag for brushes. So it should go without saying that these travel-sized brushes are a godsend. The set includes the most used brushes: foundation, powder, lip and eyeshadow.

The best thing is that these are completely cruelty free so your conscience can be as flawless as your make up!

The second best thing about these is that are sturdy without being bulky but don’t feel flimsy like some mini brushes can. These haven’t lost anything by being in miniature which is brilliant – just because I’m on holiday doesn’t mean I don’t have the same needs from my make up tools!


PLUS they come in this neat little travel case that means they don’t get damaged or lost and won’t get make up all over your bag. Perfection!

This set is £13.49 which is MADNESS. Go buy it now. I will wait here.


The lipsticks from this range are a brilliant addition to my summer make up selection: Not only do they have SPF 15 but they’re also super glossy and shiny with a powerful punch of colour. I got ‘Lollipop’, a beautiful bright pink but I also have my eye on their tangerine orange shade… The best thing about these lipsticks is the packaging: to remove the top you push on the bottom of the tube and it unclicks and pops out, similar to the Chanel lipsticks. I love it! These are £7.99 HERE.


The Whipped Blush is also a lovely surprise: it looks like a cream blusher, feels like a mousse and turns to a powder. I got the shade ‘Strawberry’ which is a light, summery pink and costs £7.99 HERE.





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