THX Travel Hair Straighteners Review

THX Travel Hair Straighteners Review

I am a terrible packer. I mean truly awful. I tend to pack way to much or nowhere near enough. And I never leave enough space for the really important things, like socks… and hair straighteners. I usually remember the latter as I’m  doing a final visual sweep of my bedroom and by that point my overnight bag is already so full that there’s no way to squeeze them in. So the idea of travel hair straighteners is one I should have cottoned on to a long time ago!

THX (or Total Hair eXperts) have brought out some amazing candy coloured hair straighteners that are not only great for styling your hair but also look super pretty.

THX-Travel- Hair-Straightener-Yellow-Review-Talonted-Lex-2

THX Travel Hair Straighteners Review

The THX travel hair straighteners are light enough to sling in a bag, but sturdy enough that you aren’t worried about them falling apart after a few uses. The ceramic-coated plates are smooth with no snagging on your hair, and they have a variable control so that you can decide exactly how hot you would like them to be, all the way up to 210°C.

I took them away with me to Scotland and they dealt with the horrible drizzle and kept me looking smooth and sleek, as you can see from the photos below:


You can purchase the straighteners from Tesco HERE and, even better, they are reduced from £18 to £12. No, that is not a typo. TWELVE POUNDS. Flipping ridiculous. And they have other really sweet colours so you should have a nosey!

THX-Travel- Hair-Straightener-Yellow-Review-Talonted-Lex

THX-Travel- Hair-Straightener-Yellow-Review-Talonted-Lex-4

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*The straighteners were sent to me to review, but the words and thoughts on them are my own.


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