Sukin Skincare For Sensitive Skin #RosaceaReview

Sukin Skincare For Sensitive Skin RosaceaReview

I’ve been testing quite a lot of skincare recently. In August I tried the B. Skincare range, and before that I was testing out Burt’s Bees Sensitive Skin Range. Every time I try a new skincare routine I have The Fear that it is going to make my rosacea flare up and leave me with raw, angry, bright red skin. However, I’ve been really lucky to try so many great ranges, and this  Sukin skincare is another to add to the list.

Sukin Skincare For Sensitive Skin #RosaceaReview

I had never heard of Sukin, which is surprising as apparently they are Australia’s best selling natural skincare brand. Impressive! They were a family start up (that always makes me warm to a brand for some reason!) plus the brand is also 100% carbon neutral, cruelty free and vegan. You can read all about their ethos HERE.

First up, I tried out their Sensitive Cleansing Gel. It’s a thick, clear gel with a very mild scent that takes some working in to get going, but soon turns to a smooth and soothing gel that breaks down make up and oils very well. It’s sulphate and paraben free, and contains camomile, green tea, cucumber and avocado oil. My skin didn’t feel tight or dry after using it and it didn’t cause any kind of flare up or aggravation of my rosacea. I’d say it’s a fairly standard gel cleanser, nothing amazing but a great simple cleanser to have in my stash.

I have to say I wasn’t a fan of using this to remove eye make up: I found the thick consistency was a bit too heavy for the delicate eye area, so I would recommend using a micellar water first before then going in with the gel.


The Sensitive Facial Moisturiser was a real pleasure to use. It was light, easily absorbed, and left my skin feeling soft without any residue or stickiness, ready for primer and make up. Again, it is paraben-free and also contains shea butter, aloe vera, rosehip, sesame and jojoba oil so it felt very soothing and kind to my sensitive skin.


I am very impressed by the Sukin Sensitive Skin range and I’m keen to try more from the range. They are well priced too, with the gel cleanser and moisturiser both costing only £7.95 which is brilliant. You can purchase Sukin from Boots.



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