Freedom Pro Artist Black Arts Eyeshadow Palette

Make Up Revolution seems to evoke two very different reactions: you have the fan-girls and -boys who worship everything they do and constantly post ridiculously massive hauls that only cost them about £20… and then you have the make up snobs who refuse to touch them with a barge pole because they believe that things are cheap for a reason. I fall somewhere in the middle.

Freedom Pro Artist Black Arts Eyeshadow Palette

I think Make Up Revolution products can be quite hit and miss, and with some of them you definitely get what you pay for (a £2 foundation? Ummm no). But some of their products are bloody fantastic and, when you take the price into consideration, they should not be ignored. Their eyeshadows and lip products are probably my fave offerings from them – always wanted to try a proper vampy dark purple lipstick? Or an orange…Or a blue…Or green? For a few quid, you can try it and it’s not a big deal if you never wear it again. Their lilac matte lipstick is what paved the way for my current purple lip obsession!

Freedom Pro Artist Black Arts Eyeshadow Palette

When I saw this eyeshadow palette I was amazed. This is from their Pro Artist make up range, which is apparently aimed at make up artists. To be honest, I haven’t seen much of a difference in the product quality or price but I’m always happy to see a wider range of products from them.

As you can see below, the Freedom Pro Artist Black Arts eyeshadow palette has 48 eyeshadows in a wide range of neutral colours from pearly white to a smokey grey. There is a nice mix of mattes and shimmers and some more unusual colours, like the orangey reds. The palette itself feels sturdy and has a flapped front that can be used as a stand when you’re using it. It closes with an elasticated band that wraps around, which I much prefer to the usual click-shut cases that Make Up Revolution offer. The best part about this palette? It was reduced to £7.50 (it’s now gone back up to £15 on the MUR website, but is £10 on the Superdrug site HERE). I have quite oily eyelids so I use an eyelid primer every day, and with that these eyeshadows last very well. Some are more pigmented than others and some are colours I’ll probably never use, but for the price that doesn’t really bother me. (What does bother me – hello nitpicking – is the fact the eyeshadows seem to be randomly placed, it would’ve been so much more visually pleasing if the colours went in an ombre across the palette. That brown in the middle, second row from the bottom, annoys me more than it should…)

Freedom Pro Artist Black Arts Eyeshadow Palette

I also picked up 3 Freedom Mono Eyeshadows as these Gilded single eyeshadows caught my eye. The colours I chose are ‘Gilded 217’ (the bronze-gold shape at the top in the picture below), ‘Gilded 218’ (Copper-brown-red) and ‘Gilded 216’ (rose gold). Recently I’ve been loving wearing more coppery-orange eye make up as it makes my green-blue eyes really stand out so I was very excited to try ‘Gilded 218’ in particular.

Freedom Pro Artist Black Arts Eyeshadow Palette

Freedom Gilded Mono Eyeshadows

As you can see from the swatches below, ‘Gilded 216‘ (the rose gold) is a lot less pigmented than the other shadows, so I’ve been using it as more of a sheer wash of pretty colour over my eyelids. ‘Gilded 217’ and ‘Gilded 218’ are both absolutely stunning on the skin, the photos below capture some of the glow that you get from them in the light, but I’d recommend trying them in store yourself so you can really appreciate how pretty they are. I’ve linked to them directly if you click on the names, and these are all £1 each. MADNESS.

What are your favourite Make Up Revolution/Freedom products? What else do I need to try?


Freedom Gilded Mono Eyeshadow swatchesFreedom Gilded Mono Eyeshadow swatchesFreedom Gilded Mono Eyeshadow swatchesFreedom Pro Artist Black Arts Eyeshadow PaletteFreedom Pro Artist Black Arts Eyeshadow Palette


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