Seventeen Eyeshadow And Lip Palettes

I have been really impressed by Seventeen recently. Their mono eyeshadows are beautiful, their nail varnishes are great quality and now these: Seventeen eyeshadow and lip palettes. I have a LOT of photos to show you, so let’s get cracking…

Seventeen Eyeshadow And Lip Palettes

Seventeen Eyeshadow And Lip Palettes

I do love a good eyeshadow palette. I don’t like having to rummage around in my storage drawers for separate mono shadows because I am inherently lazy. So having a range of lovely eye colours in one place is a definite thumbs up for me. I don’t think I’ve tried a palette from Seventeen before (can’t say I’ve seen one from them actually…) so I was looking forward to trying these out. Seventeen sent me 2 eyeshadow palettes and 2 lip palettes.

Seventeen Easy On The Eye palette

Seventeen Easy On The Eye ‘The Big Smoke’* palette (above). As you can see it’s a decent sized palette with a large mirror and a double-ended brush (which I will never use but I appreciate why some people may see that as a helpful addition). It’s a smokey shaded palette made up of some really pretty blues, greens, and browns with a mixture of shimmers, pearls and mattes. The four pans on the right hand side are all metallic cream formulas, and the bottom right is actually an eyelid primer which I think is genius.

Seventeen Easy On The Eye palette

The second eyeshadow palette is the Seventeen Easy On The Eye ‘Birthday Suit’* set. Similar to the palette above, this has a good mix of formulas and finishes so you can get multiple, different looks without having to lug around a million products. This palette is filled with warmer nude tones, from true beiges to pinky bronzes.Seventeen Easy On The Eye palette

I’m not a huge fan of lip palettes, simply because I am incredibly lazy and always tend to apply my lip products straight from the bullet. I see lip brushes as fiddly and an unwelcome extra step in my routine. HOWEVER these little sets are so cute and the brush included is actually one of the best I’ve tried: sturdy enough to give you control but not so stiff that it’s painful to use.

The one below is the Seventeen All Out Pout ‘Woo Me‘*: a red and gold-y themed palette with some seriously eye-catching shades. The formula is very soft, creamy and glossy, similar to a thick lip balm, and they are very pigmented. The top left and bottom right shades have a shimmer so are great to apply over the other colours as a highlight in the centre of your lips.

Seventeen All Out Pout palette

The second lip palette is the Seventeen All Out Pout ‘Fancy Free’* set: this is more wearable as a day-to-day palette if the previous one was a bit bright. The shades are all fairly sheer and the shimmer shades are in the top left and top middle.

As these are very creamy and glossy formulas, the staying power isn’t great but that’s pretty much a given unless you go for a matte product. If you’re a fan of this type of formula, I bet these are great little palettes to take away with you as you have a lot of choices in one set.

I’ve put links to all of the products PLUS, as an added bonus, all Seventeen products are ‘buy one get one half price’ at the moment so you can treat yourself! Which is your favourite of the Seventeen eyeshadow and lip palettes?


Seventeen All Out Pout palette

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