Barry M Coconut Infusion Review

I wear nail polish for 99.99% of my life. I can think of a handful of occasions where my nails were naked in the past year and one of those was for surgery! My nails are strong and healthy and I don’t go in for this ‘you need to give your nails a break’ rubbish, but hearing about a nail varnish range that hydrates and nourishes your nails definitely made my ears prick up. I hope you enjoy my Barry M Coconut Infusion review!*

Barry M Coconut Infusion Review

Barry M Coconut Infusion Review


These polishes combine coconut oil and coconut water to strengthen, repair, replenish and care for nails – all while delivering Barry M’s usual amazing finish and colours. The blurb for these claims you don’t need a base coat (that’s how nourishing and caring these polishes are) but I would still recommend one to protect against staining. They also say that the finish is so shiny that you don’t need a top coat (which is true) but I am a Seche Vite addict and all of the swatches below are shown with Seche Vite on top.


All of the polishes applied really easily, had great coverage and dried super quickly, even before Seche Vite. They don’t smell of coconuts (my first thought when I saw them!) and they don’t have an oily consistency (which I was expecting when I saw they had coconut oil as an ingredient!)

Let’s get into the individual colours. I’ll start with the bright colours as they feel a bit more summery.

Barry M Coconut Infusion Review

Barry M Aloha, a bright but creamy pink that had perfect coverage in 2 coats.


I have quite a few similar colours as you can see below, but the finish of this polish is preferable to many of them so I’m glad to now have it in my collection!


Barry M Surfboard is a lilac-leaning pastel pink. I love this colour so much and think it looks wonderful on every skin tone. This was another 2-coater.


I was surprised to see that I didn’t really have that many similar polishes in my collection as it’s quite a common spring-summer shade. ‘Lap of Honour’ from the Barry M Speedy range was the closest but that is slightly more lilac.


Barry M Laguna is a ridiculously pretty cornflower blue that makes me feel so summery. It only needed 2 coats to get this perfect creamy finish.


There are two essie polishes that this reminded me of when I first applied it but, as you can see below, neither are an exact match.


Barry M Bikini is a pastel jade green, a slightly more interesting alternative to the mint greens that always emerge over summer. This needed two coats and got a little bit draggy on application but dried with no imperfections.


As the swatches below show, the usual mint green polishes are a lot more common so this is a great addition to my stash.


Barry M Flamingo is a bright peachy-coral. This is a shade that’s not particularly groundbreaking (the amount of polishes in the comparison swatches below prove that) but it’s a brilliant go-to colour for warmer weather.


And here are the nudes. I was quite surprised to see 4 nudes in one collection, but think it’s a great thing. Hopefully this is a sign that more high street brands will be bringing out ranges with a wider range of skin tones in mind.

The first is Barry M Skinny Dip. This is an off white and was the only polish in the collection that needed three coats for full coverage, which isn’t a surprise considering the very light colour.


I’m not a huge fan of true nude nails – I much prefer greige, pink-leaning pale polishes and muted pastels – so there aren’t a lot of comparison shades from my collection.


Barry M Starfish is a beige nude which only needed two coats for the colour shown below. It’s fairly similar to Barry M Lychee (from the Gelly range) but with ever-so-slightly more yellow.


Barry M Sunkissed is a caramel-toned nude which doesn’t suit my skin tone but would look gorgeous on someone with less pink-toned skin. This again was a two coat polish.


Essie ‘all eyes on nudes’ is probably the closest shade (although that is from the Cashmere range and therefore has a matte finish).


Barry M Tiki Hut is another polish that I wish looked good on me but it just doesn’t suit my spammy pink hands! It’s a coffee coloured polish with a slight hint of mustard that I love. Two coat perfection. I put it into the comparison swatch above with ‘Sunkissed’ as I had so few comparisons for these colours.


Overall this collection is flipping wonderful. The colours cover a wide spectrum, from bright summer staples, to interesting nudes, and some more unusual options. The application and finish make them a breeze to use and they lasted really well on my nails (over a week with a Seche Vite topcoat). These are a little more expensive than Barry M’s other polishes but at £4.99 I still think it’s a great price for the colours and quality.

I hope you enjoyed my Barry M Coconut Infusion review post. Which is your favourite from the range? Let me know in the comments below!


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    • Lex
      3rd August 2016 / 11:48 am

      Aren’t they gorgeous! And so unusual for pastel and nude shades to be this opaque, really impressed.

  1. Kathleen Medjuck
    7th July 2016 / 1:30 am

    Hi Lex
    Awesome review. I want them all. In your post about nail care you mentioned wrapping. I know what you mean by that but not the best way to do it and still keep it smooth on top. I always seem to mess it up no matter how I try to fix it. Help 🙂

    • Lex
      3rd August 2016 / 11:50 am

      Hello! Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the review 🙂 If you’re struggling to keep it neat, you could try painting the free edge first, then going in and painting the actual nail. That way, you’re smoothing over the wrapped tip. Does that make sense? Hard to explain in text!

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