5 Best Budget Moisturisers For Sensitive Skin

In case you missed it, I’ve started a new skincare series where I pick the ‘5 Best…’ products from different categories. I decided to kick it off with a mini series, covering budget skincare for sensitive skin. This week I’m talking about the 5 Best Budget Moisturisers for sensitive or atypical skin. If you’ve missed the other posts in this series, you can find my picks of affordable cleansers HERE, my exfoliator recommendations HERE, and my fave face masks HERE.

5 Best Budget Moisturisers For Sensitive Skin

The products in this instalment are a little more pricey than those in the previous post but I’d expect to pay more for a serum or moisturiser than for a cleanser as the former stays on your face for hours while the latter gets washed down the plughole. But they’re all under £15 and the ones near the top of the scale are typically in some sort of 3 for 2 offer so you would rarely pay full price for them. Another heads up, only 3 of the 5 products are shown in the photos: I have so much skincare (seriously, it’s becoming a problem) so I open up my stash to friends and family who come and take what they need so 2 of the products have been whisked away.

Enough chatter! Here are the goodies…

Avene Tolerance Extreme Emulsion and Avene Hydrance Serum (two of my 5 Best Budget Moisturisers for Sensitive Skin)

It will come as no surprise that Avène products are in this list. If I had £1 for every time I had recommended Avène to someone, that affiliate scheme would be bankrupt! I’ve used their products for years and they’ve never led me astray. I used to favour the Anti-Rougeur range but the new Tolérance Extrême range has become my go-to. The products only have 8 ingredients (or less) and minimal ingredients means a minimal chance of irritation. This is helped by the weird-looking DEFI cap which stops bacteria and air entering the tube, negating the need for preservatives in the formula. This is very good news for us sensitive types. You can read more about my thoughts on the Tolérance Extrême range HERE. The product shown here is the Tolérance Extrême Emulsion* which is great for my oily skin (if you have drier skin, I’d recommend the Tolérance Extrême Cream) and it’s £13.50.

The other Avène product I’ve used a lot over the years is the Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum. This is a very light gel textured serum that absorbs very quickly, leaving no stickiness, and sits under other skincare and make up very well. If you’ve never tried a serum before, it goes under your moisturiser and really helps to bump up your moisture levels. If your skin is starting to look and feel dry or dull as we get into colder weather here in the UK, introducing a serum can help enormously. This one is £17 but is currently on offer at Boots…

Embryolisse moisturiser and Chanel Pirate (one of my 5 Best Budget Moisturisers for Sensitive Skin)

Sticking with the French skincare, next up is a cult classic. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré has been used by make up artists and models for years and I used to stock up whenever I was in France. Luckily for me – and you – it’s now widely available in the UK. The French do multi-tasking skincare very well and that is part of this cream’s charm: it’s a great moisturiser, or intensive face mask if you apply a thicker layer, but it can also be used as a primer for make up (I’m a little too oily to rely on this for a full day, but if I’m only out for a few hours this makes a lovely base for make up) *and* it’s calming on sunburn and scrapes. You can even use it to take off your make up, making it the perfect overnight-bag product to save space. And all for £13! Those clever French buggers.

I’ve mentioned Sukin on the blog before (you can read more about the sensitive range HERE). The Sukin Sensitive Facial Moisturiser* is £5.30 which I find bonkers as it’s a fair sized bottle and is a really great product. As I mentioned in my review, it’s paraben free, contains lots of ingredients that my sensitive skin loves (rosehip oil and aloe vera to name two) and is vegan and cruelty free. Thumbs up all round!

If you thought we couldn’t get more affordable than the previous product then the last item in my 5 Best Budget Moisturisers is going to make you very happy. The Simply Pure Light Moisturiser is £2.69. WHAT. That wouldn’t even get me half a glass of wine in London! This is a really lovely basic moisturiser that does what you want it to: leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and calm. It’s designed with sensitive skin in mind and contains no fragrance. For the price it’s just madness – it wouldn’t be the first one I reach for, but if you’re on a very tight budget then I’d definitely recommend it.

Please do let me know your favourite budget moisturisers and serums in the comments below. I received some great recommendations for cleansers in my first post (my wishlist grows ever longer!) so don’t forget to check that out HERE. If you’re looking for an affordable exfoliator that won’t make your sensitive skin want to cry, HERE are my recommendations. And if you are a fan of face masks, HERE are my faves. I really hope you are enjoying this series!


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5 best moisturisers for sensitive skin (affordable skincare for rosacea)



  1. 1st December 2016 / 10:23 pm

    I’d never heard of Avene until I stumbled across your blog after my rosacea diagnosis – I am now thoroughly in love and can’t thank you enough. If you see a lot of hits from the East Midlands, it’s probably me coming back constantly to double check before buying something as all of your recommendations have been a godsend so far.

    I have extremely dry skin so I doubt recommendations would be much use, but I do use old fashioned pure lanolin on extremely dry patches. Very thinly applied and left on overnight, it makes a huge difference.

    This is extremely cheeky but: do you have any recommendations for eye cream? It’s the one area Avene hasn’t quite done the trick. The corners of my eyes are so pissed off all the time (big red weals of no known origin – it’s super fun) and you’re pretty much my guru now

  2. 1st December 2016 / 11:23 pm

    I agree that Avene makes some fantastic moisturizers for sensitive skin and I’ve still yet to try Embryolisse- you can find it fairly easily here in Toronto, so I really must give it a go soon 🙂

  3. Grace
    2nd December 2016 / 4:50 pm

    So happy I found your blog!!!! For years Ive searched for blogs about Rosacea…..I live in Amsterdam and the crazy cold weather has taken its toll on my Rosacea! For the 1st time I have a postule on my cheek and the veins are really red and angry. Got Efrea From the doctor but my skin is so dry and tight
    Stummbled upon la roche posay rosaliac serum.. do you know it and have you used it? Normally i Ise the moisturizer From environ bit it just doesnt Work now.
    Pleasssse help.

  4. Genevieve
    8th December 2016 / 9:20 pm

    I also love La Roche Posay Toleraine Ultra range – currently using the day and night creams. Also like their Toleraine Riche. All very gentle and soothing and often on offer in Boots!

    • Grace
      10th December 2016 / 11:09 am

      The la roche posay worked magic.
      Together with the efacea my skin is not dry and at ease. Good weekend all

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