Sparkle With Floss Gloss Glitters

I’ve spoken about this very exciting brand before, but I wanted to do a whole post focusing on the amazing Floss Gloss glitters. I think most of us are drawn to sparkles, appreciating the way they catch the light and give a bit of oomph to an outfit – but the offerings from Floss Gloss are some of the best out there.

Floss Gloss Glitters

Floss Gloss ‘Honey’* is a copper-toned polish that is jam-packed full of glitter. It’s a clear base with small holographic copper and gold glitter that only needed two generous coats to get this amazing coverage. I’ve shown it without top coat, to show you that it’s not lumpy or dull when worn alone, as glitters often can be. Just pure spangly gorgeousness.

Floss Gloss ‘Keys To The Mansion’* is probably my favourite from this threesome. It’s rose gold in some lights, and coppery-bronze in others. It takes some patience as the glitter is quite dispersed in the clear base – the below took about 4 coats for total opacity – but again, as with above, I photographed it without a top coat to demonstrate that, even with quite a few coats, it’s not lumpy or matte. I ADORE this.

Floss Gloss ‘Dimepiece’* – I’ve waxed lyrical about this incredible glitter on the blog before, but I couldn’t do a post about the Floss Gloss glitters without it! Silver holographic multi-size glitter that catches the light and glows like fairy lights. This manicure shown was done in three coats, and the photo on the left has no top coat, the photo on the right shows it with topcoat. I think the only difference is that (obviously) it feels a little smoother, and the glitter is slightly more sparkly. But I love that all of these glitters are still wearable without a top coat – a true sign that these are well-made and great quality.

Here are some close up shots of Dimepiece to show you how well the glitter sits on the nails. Both of these polishes are shown without topcoat smoothing the finish. SWOON.

All Floss Gloss polishes are cruelty free, vegan and 7-free which is flipping brilliant. Plus they’re finally available in the UK from Nail Polish Direct so us Brits can get our grubby mitts on them too!

Have you tried Floss Gloss glitters? Or Floss Gloss polishes in general? If you’re looking for a new brand to fall in love with then I can’t recommend these enough!


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Floss Gloss Glitters (Honey, Keys To The Mansion, Dimepiece)

Floss Gloss Glitters (Honey, Keys To The Mansion, Dimepiece)


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