FRIDAY FAVES: Soundtracks, Skincare, & Scary Clowns

It’s a TV/film heavy Friday Faves today as it’s been a bit of a lazy week: we were in Arran (a Scottish Island) for a long weekend break which was lovely and so relaxing, and today we are on our way to Sheffield for a fun weekend with friends. So it’s all go today, but I wanted to check in and share some of my favourites that I think you’d love as well.

Friday Faves: Some incredible TV with mindblowing soundtracks, great skincare treats, and more...

Don’t forget to tell me your Friday Faves, either in the comments below or on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. I’m always up for a natter!

I know I did this IT movie nail art last week, but it took me flipping ages to do so we’ll let it slide that I’m a week out! I’m so happy with how it turned out. It was all hand painted with a mixture of gels, acrylic paint and regular nail varnish. The film itself is the second of my Friday Faves. I’ve loved the book ever since I was a Stephen-King-obsessed teenager, and the first film adaption was utterly terrifying… so I had both high and low expectations going into the new film. But I thought it was really good, with some incredible casting. I think anyone trying to follow the horrifying work of Tim Curry in the original film has their work cut out for them, but Bill Skarsgård was excellent.

Friday Faves: Film recommendations

Another film recommendation which I know I’m very late to is Baby Driver. We watched it on Wednesday and I immediately wanted to watch it all over again. The soundtrack is incredible, the cast is brilliant, and I had an enormous crush on Ansel Elgort… until my husband directed me to his terrible reputation in real life (more on that HERE – that ‘threatening’ quote made my skin crawl). But ignoring the idiot in the lead role, it’s a seriously wonderful and clever film with one of the best opening scenes I’ve ever seen.

Friday Faves: TV recommendations

This week my husband started watching Westworld and I do what I always do: played on my phone, sat on Pinterest and scrolled through Twitter. But the programme really quickly piqued my interest and I’m currently really annoyed that we’re away all weekend and can’t carry on watching it as we finished the penultimate episode last night! It’s a show you have to pay a bit of attention to, but it’s such a brilliant and clever storyline that is like nothing else I’ve watched. It has one of the best twists I’ve ever witnessed in a TV show – we had to pause it to do stuttering shocked faces at each other! It’s another one with a great soundtrack as well, so get involved.

You may remember that I put the Made Online podcast in my Friday Faves when it first launched, but I have been re-listening to some episodes recently and I needed to include it again – just in case you’d forgotten or missed my original post. It’s the podcast baby of Hayley (who blogs at London Beauty Queen) and, as the name suggests, it involves her interviewing people who have been ‘made online’: starting a business, finding fame, creating a community. There are so many great stories and wonderfully inspiring people. My favourites are episode 6 and 10 (and if you fancy listening to my episode, that’s number 4!)

And the final items in this week’s Friday Faves are the Skin Republic face masks, which you may have seen on my Instagram stories when I was away on holiday. My particular favourites are the Gold Hydrogel face mask* and the Brightening Eye Masks*. In case you’re not familiar with hydrogel masks, they are different to the soaked cotton/fibre sheers masks: they are a smooth flexible gel mask that some people aren’t keen on as they feel a bit slimy and strange. But I love them as they don’t dry out like sheet masks do, stick to the face better, and stay cool on the skin which is great for those of us who overheat and have reactive skin. The Brightening Eye Masks come in a pack of three and are wonderfully hydrating and really do make the eye area look brighter and plumped up.

What are your Friday Faves this week? I hope you have fun plans for the weekend, I’m going to be eating and drinking my way round Sheffield and Leeds as well as going to the Thought Bubble Leeds Comic Art Festival… Have a good one, whatever you’re doing! If you fancy seeing my previous Friday Faves, you can take a look HERE.


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  1. 20th October 2017 / 11:57 am

    Hi, I was thinking of buying Hydrogel Mask, I run out of my Tony Moly Mask and I wonder if we have Hydrogel Mask in our local stores. Can’t wait to try.

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