Glo & Ray Rouge Sticks Perfect Contour Lip Pencil Collection

I’m so excited to introduce you to the Glo & Ray Rouge Sticks Perfect Contour Lip Pencils* … possibly the longest product name ever, so from now on I will be referring to them as the Glo & Ray Rouge Sticks!

Glo & Ray Rouge Sticks review

The Glo & Ray Rouge Sticks come in three different formulas, so regardless of whether you love matte, sheer, or glossy lipsticks there will be something to suit you. The lipsticks come in thin, stylo-like packaging, with slim lipstick bullets which are great for achieving precision without the need for a lip liner. I’ve swatched all of the colours together below and then I have some individual lip swatches further down the page as well.

The Glo & Ray Rouge Sticks Mattes are described as being an ‘extra-pigmented formula with silky comfortable matte finish‘ and obviously we’re starting with those because, you know, it’s me.

Rosy Cedar (matte) – This is my dream nude shade. I can’t really pull off beige-y nudes without looking like a dead Kardashian so I much prefer a rosy colour like this. I think this might be my go-to shade when I’m not wearing a proper face of make up and just want to look healthy (e.g. not hungover).

Wood Fire (matte) – An orange-red shade with a gorgeous brick tone to it. As I swiped this onto my lips I made a totally involuntarily groaning noise because it’s so beautiful. This is by far my favourite shade in the collection.

Black Corydallis (matte) – Now that the weather is a little colder I’m finding myself drawn to plum and berry shades, like a basic moth to a cliché flame. This is a really flattering pinky-purple that looks great on my pale skin. All of the above mattes were very comfortable to wear and had a velvety finish, rather than a powdery matte look.

The Glo & Ray Rouge Sticks Sheers are ‘as comfortable as a balm, they care for the lips while giving instant sheer glow‘. I absolutely love the feel of these and am actually really surprised at the colour pay off. You may have noticed that there are only two shades here… I misplaced one shade and only found it again this morning so I’m afraid that you’ll have to make do with the arm swatches above for ‘Viola Viola’… sorry!

Dreaming (sheer) – This is a more subtle and shinier version of Rosy Cedar, so if you liked that colour but don’t like a matte finish then this is the one for you.

Love Message (sheer) – A very pretty red with a hint of orange that is very wearable and would look great on warmer toned skin. Also, if you’re a bit wary of red lipstick this is a great way to ease yourself in!

Viola Viola (sheer) – If you look at the arm swatches further up the post you can see that it’s a little more pink and brighter than Dreaming. If you prefer a lilac-y tone to your pinks then this will float your boat.

And finally the Glo & Ray Rouge Sticks Gloss lipsticks are described as an ‘moisturising and extra-pigmented formula, delivers extra glossy colour pay-off’.

Regel Tulip (gloss) – The glosses are just as shiny as the Sheer colours but have incredible pigmentation so you can go a bit bolder with your colour. This burnt orange is a beautiful shade that I love.

Poison Chanson (gloss) – A vampy red that is so flattering and a little bit pink toned, so it’s great for cooler skin tones.

True Fuchsia (gloss) – The clue is in the name! It’s a blue-based hot pink which is so dreamy. I always reach for this kind of shade when I am running out of the door but need something to make me look like I’ve made an effort…!

So which of these lipsticks is your dream colour? Are there any lipstick shades you don’t ever wear? I’m so impressed by the Glo & Ray Rouge Sticks: a wonderful range of colours and a finish to suit everyone. If you want to pick some up, they are £9.90 HERE.


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Glo & Ray Rouge Sticks Review


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    Hi lex
    I was wondering if you have ever tried coverproof by wunder 2??? Also have you heard of ipl for rosacea as a lot of people say it works ?? Love reading your blog thanks

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