My Essie Favourites For Winter/Spring

Today I went outside and – for the first time in about two weeks – I didn’t feel like my extremities were going to fall off. It’s a miracle! I’m so ready for spring, but until we get there I’m still embracing the cool tones and colours of winter. So I’ve picked out my Essie favourites for winter/spring – the three colours I go back to time and again to help me through that awkward bit between the dramatic vampy winter shades and the fresh pastels of spring.

My favourite essie polishes for winter/spring

Let’s kick off this edit of my Essie favourites with a cult classic: ‘cocktail bling‘. I was reintroduced to this colour by my friend Bex who wears it a lot, and every single time I see it on her I fall in love with it all over again. It’s the perfect blend of grey and blue, which makes it a chic but pretty manicure shade.

This needed three thin coats to cover all bald patches, and I topped it with the essie couture top coat. You can buy it from Boots (HERE) or Amazon for any international readers (HERE) – but, as always, be aware who you are buying from!

My favourite winter polishes - essie 'cocktail bling', a cult essie polish. It's the perfect blend of blue and grey. The dream cool-toned polish.

Next up in my essie favourites for winter is another all-time essie classic… ‘chinchilly‘. I recently finished a bottle of this (which NEVER happens, considering how many polishes I have!) and so I had to dig out this bottle which has been with me for so long that it still has the original thin brush and the old bottle! It’s such a gorgeous shade: I’m a huge fan of grey polishes anyway but this one has a little bit of warmth to it that makes it feel less stark on the nails. It’s one of my ‘I have no idea what colour to wear, let’s do this one again’ shades!

As this manicure was done with the annoying old teeny brushes, this took about four coats to get to this opacity and I can still see some iffy patches… I’m so pleased they brought in the fat brushes. I think I may need to buy a new bottle and retire old faithful! You can buy it from Boots (HERE) or Amazon for any international readers (HERE).

My favourite winter polishes - essie 'chinchilly', a soft grey-beige (greige!) that is so chic and flattering

The last shade in my Essie favourites for winter/spring is a relatively new addition to my collection. ‘ciao effect‘* featured in last year’s Resort collection, released in June (you can see the full range reviewed HERE). ‘Grurple’ polishes have a special place in my heart and this one is a beauty. Just lilac enough to be a pretty shade, but with enough of a cool tone that it feels very modern. Love!

This was a perfect two-coater (and I was so happy to return to the wider brush for these swatches, after the tricky application of the older ‘chinchilly’ bottle!). You can buy it from Boots (HERE) or Amazon for any international readers (HERE).

My favourite winter polishes - essie 'ciao effect', a gorgeous grey-lilac that's a modern twist on a pastel.

What are your favourite shades to wear in this awkward winter-spring time? Are you trying to encourage the warmer weather with pretty pastels, or are you still deep in the dramatic deep and dark shades of winter? Let me know in the comments below!


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My favourite essie polishes for winter/spring


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